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Acupuncture is not a myth.


According to a US media report, researchers at the school of Chinese medicine of Hong Kong Baptist University in China have completed a clinical trial using acupuncture to control body weight.After 8 weeks of acupuncture treatment, the average weight of the participants dropped by 2.47 kilograms. The most successful participants lost 7.2 kilograms and their body mass index (BMI) also decreased by 3.2kg/m2.This clinical trial has preliminarily proved the effectiveness of acupuncture in controlling adult weight.

In collaboration with the Hongkong Hospital Authority, the research team conducted a clinical trial of 72 participants from September 2015 to October 2016, including 13 men and 59 women aged 18~68 years. All participants had a body mass index of 25 and above.At the same time, three months before the start of the trial, all participants did not take any weight control measures or take any medicine to lose weight.

Subsequently, the participants were randomly divided into two groups, namely, “real acupuncture group” and “pseudo acupuncture group”. Each group of subjects received acupuncture treatment for 8 weeks and 16 courses.The abdominal points for acupuncture and moxibustion treatment include Tianshu point, Daheng point, Dai meridian point, Qi Hai point and Zhong Wan point, etc. the acupoints of the lower limbs include Zusanli, Feng long, Sanyinjiao points and other acupoints.Subsequently, the researchers used the name of “Wang Bu Liu”, a Chinese medicine name, which is a dried and mature seed of the family Dianthus chinensis, which has the functions of activating blood circulation, removing swelling and diuresis. It is embedded in the adhesive tape, and carries out acupressure on the ear of the participants, including the Shenmen point on the ear and the acupuncture point that is responsible for hunger and spleen and stomach functions.According to Chinese medicine, these acupoints help restore and coordinate the flow of energy in the intestine, and transform body fluids and expectorant.

After receiving acupuncture treatment, the researchers found that the average weight of the “real acupuncture group” dropped by 2.47 kilograms, and their body mass index decreased by 1.56 kg/m2; the most successful participants lost 7.2 kilograms and the body mass index decreased by 3.2 kg/m2; while the “pseudo acupuncture group” participants gained an average body weight of 0.54 kg and an average of 0.19 kg/m2 of body mass index.

The researchers believe that acupuncture and moxibustion often stimulates the body. The mechanism of acupuncture therapy is that it stimulates the secretion of serotonin and endorphin, which effectively inhibits the appetite of the body, enhances the activity of lipolysis, and ultimately leads to weight loss.

This clinical trial provides preliminary evidence that acupuncture therapy can effectively and safely control body weight and lay the foundation for later research.Researchers will collect larger clinical trials to confirm the efficacy of acupuncture therapy and develop guidelines for the use of acupuncture to combat obesity.

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