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Acupuncture treatment of chronic gastritis


Chronic gastritis is a variety of chronic gastric mucositis caused by different causes.It is a common disease and its incidence is the highest among all kinds of stomach diseases.The higher the age, the higher the morbidity.Clinically, chronic superficial gastritis, chronic atrophic gastritis, chronic hypertrophic gastritis and chronic erosive gastritis are divided into two main types: Acupuncture and moxibustion.Symptoms of chronic gastritis include discontinuation of abdominal pain and discomfort, fullness and belching after meals, but many patients can have no symptoms.The etiology of this disease has not yet been elucidated, and there is no effective medicine in modern western medicine.

Modern reports on acupuncture and moxibustion for chronic gastritis were first seen in 1954.[1]。Since there has been no effective method, there has been little information.In 70s, the application of catgut implantation at acupoint was effective in treating this disease.[2]。A large number of chronic gastritis acupuncture treatment after 80s.Acupuncture is often used, and acupuncture, acupoint implantation and ear acupuncture are also used.What is particularly worth mentioning is that some people also diagnose chronic gastritis with auricular changes.The method is to detect the resistance of auricular acupoints with the low frequency skin resistance instrument and observe the morphological changes of the auricular acupoints in the patients with chronic gastritis. It is found that there are changes in the stomach area of the patients with chronic gastritis, such as neurites, congestion and pallor, and the number of the right ear cases is more than that of the left ears. Secondly, the reduction of the low resistance point and the resistance value of the auricular points only occurs in the 3 regions of the right ear stomach (antrum and pylorus).Place).This may be related to the right spleen and stomach in Chinese medicine.[3]。In conclusion, auricular points have certain diagnostic effects on chronic gastritis.At present, the effective rate of acupoint stimulation therapy is about 90%.The curative effect is simple and superficial gastritis.

Acupuncture and moxibustion treatment of chronic gastritis mechanism, domestic and foreign scholars have shown that acupuncture for normal, pathological and prior use of certain drugs to change the human body or animal gastric secretion function has a more obvious impact.[4]It includes [5] regulating secretion of gastric juice and secretion of digestive tract.So that the disease can be controlled and restored.


   Acupoint injection

(1) acupoint selection

Main points: Gan Shu, Wei Shu and Zusanli.

Acupoint: gallbladder acupoint.

Location of gallbladder cavity: 1~2 inches below the point of Yang Ling Quan, where there is tenderness.

(two) treatment

Solution: Astragalus injection, compound angelica injection, placental tissue fluid, vitamin B12, vitamin C injection, and Cynanchum paniculate injection.The above medicine is optionally selected or alternatively applied.Each time, 2 pairs of acupoints were selected, mainly with the main points, and cholecystitis combined with gallbladder acupoints.With 5 ml syringe and No. 5 dental needle, after inhaling the liquid, Gushu, stomach Shu directly stab or oblique to the spine direction, Zusanli, gallbladder point direct stab, until after the gas, slightly inserted, make the needle feel strong, push into the liquid.Among them, astragalus injection, angelica injection and vitamin C injection are 1 to 1.5 milliliters per acupoint, vitamin B12 (50 micrograms) 1 milliliters per point, and 2 ml of each point of Xu Changqing injection.1 times a day, 3 months for a course of treatment, interval of 7 days.

(three) efficacy evaluation

Efficacy criteria: effective: symptoms disappeared or basically disappeared, signs improved significantly, pathological changes from atrophic to superficial; effective: symptoms significantly reduced, signs improved, lesions reduced; ineffective: before and after treatment, symptoms and signs did not change significantly.

A total of 240 cases were treated, 131 cases (54.6%) were markedly effective, 92 cases (38.3%) were effective, 17 cases (7.1%) were ineffective, and the total effective rate was 92%.[67]

   Auricular point pressing pill

(1) acupoint selection

Main points: stomach, spleen, subcortex, duodenum, and sympathetic.

Matching points: liver, God door.

(two) treatment

The main points were taken 3 points each time, and 1~2 acupoints were added to the acupoints.At the time of treatment, sensitive points were selected in the selected area, marking and cleaning the auricle, and then taping the adhesive tape with the seeds of the seeds of the seeds.The patient was asked to press 5 times a day for 2~3 minutes.Change 1 times every other day, one ear at a time, two ears rotation.The 10 time is a course of treatment. The interval between treatment is 5 days.

(three) efficacy evaluation

According to the above criteria, in the treatment of 73 cases, 47 cases were cured recently, 14 cases were markedly effective, 8 cases were effective, 4 cases were ineffective, the total effective rate was 94.5%.[11]

   Acupoint implantation

(1) acupoint selection

The main point: ah Shi.

Acupoints: Zhong Wan, Shang Wan, Liang men, left and right, spleen Yu, stomach, Shu Zhuge and Shang Ju Xu.

The location of the acupoint: the thumb is in the lumbar ridge, the Governor Meridian, the bladder meridian, the stomach meridian of the upper abdomen, and the kidney meridian, pressing from top to bottom, the pressure should be uniform and the most obvious tenderness is the "Shi" point.In general, there are many places in the back, such as stomach, spleen, liver, gallbladder, stomach, stomach, etc.

(two) treatment

First look for the "Shi" point, if not find the "Shi" point, that is, change the matching points.There were 1~2 pairs of abdominal points and 1 pairs of lower extremities.The method of skin suture needle embedding is applied on the back of the abdomen. After routine disinfection and local anesthesia, a large triangular skin suture needle with 1 catgut suture (intestinal line double fold and thread alignment) is selected, and through the selected acupoint, the intestinal tract is pulled back and forth, so that local numbness and distension are felt, and then the two thread heads outside the epidermis are cut off.The lower extremities use 12 lumbar puncture needles to infuse 2 cm long bowel line.All the pinholes were covered with sterile dressing.In general, 1 days were implanted in about 20~30 days, 5 times for a course of treatment, and the interval between treatment was 1 months.

(three) efficacy evaluation

    Efficacy criteria: recent recovery: symptoms and signs, X-ray or gastroscopy, disappearance of positive signs in the stomach, observation of the person who has not seen the disease for one year; marked effects: the main symptoms disappear, the signs of the stomach are markedly improved, or the symptoms and signs disappear, but the symptoms recur within one year and the symptoms are significantly lightened.No effect: symptoms and signs were not improved before and after treatment.

273 cases were treated together, 125 (45.8%) recovered in the near term, 79 cases (28.9%) were markedly effective, 53 cases (19.4%) were effective, 16 cases (5.9%) were ineffective, and the total effective rate was 94.1%.Among them, 53 cases were observed for 1~5 years as a result, 15 cases without recurrence and 34 cases with small hair showed a certain long-term effect.[10]

   body acupuncture

(1) acupoint selection

Main point: Zusanli.

Acupoint: spleen and stomach disharmony type, abdominal distention, abdominal distention, pain, even two rib, belching pantothenic acid, or nausea and vomiting, poor sleep, thin yellowish fur, deep pulse, plus door and Neiguan.The weakness of the spleen and stomach can be seen in the stomachache. It is very painful. It is always rubbed and eaten, and it has to be bloating, and the stomach is weak. The face is pale, and the stool is dry and thin after the operation.Stomach yin deficiency type can see burning pain in the stomach, dry mouth dry, face is not Hua, dry stool, tongue red less fur, pulse count, add pylorus, Sanyinjiao, Zhang door.

In addition, the spleen and stomach are cold, and the symptoms are similar to those of the spleen and stomach.

(two) treatment

The main points must be taken every time.If the spleen and stomach do not agree with each other, use the twisting and twisting method to make up the flat and purge method, leaving the needle for 15~20 minutes.First, the spleen and stomach are weak. First, apply the method of slow lifting and replenishing, then insert 2 mm long moxa stick on the needle handle and keep the needle for about 30 minutes. The spleen and stomach are cold, and the method of burning the mountain and fire is supplementation (that is, three times in advance and one retreat, and Xu Jinji comes out repeatedly, until it produces the sensation of heat, requiring the insertion of the needle to be heavy and fast, when the needle is lifted slowly and slowly), retaining the needle for 15 minutes, and then ginger moxibustion 3~7 Zhuang.For 30 minutes.1 times a day or 10 days, a course of treatment for 5~7 days.

(three) efficacy evaluation

Evaluation criteria: abdominal pain, abdominal fullness, upper abdominal tenderness, loss of appetite, belching and so on are five main symptoms. They are vomiting, noise, nausea and vomiting.Clinical symptoms disappeared: main symptoms and reference symptoms disappeared, no recurrence within 3 months; markedly effective: the main symptoms relieved 2/3, or five main symptoms disappeared more than 3, and the reference disappeared; effective: the main symptoms were reduced to 1/3 to 1/2, or 1~2 of the five main symptoms disappeared, and the reference symptoms were also reduced to varying degrees.

In all 106 cases, 86 cases were evaluated according to the above criteria. Results the clinical symptoms disappeared in 16 cases (18.6%), markedly effective in 36 cases (41.9%), effective in 29 cases (33.7%), ineffective 5 cases (5.8%), and the total effective rate was 94.2%.[8]。In the other 20 cases, the total effective rate was 100% according to the previous standard.[9]。It is found that the curative effect of the elderly is poor, and the Qi feeling transmission, especially the Qi to the disease, can improve the efficiency.


(1) acupoint selection

Main points: Zhong Wan and Wei Shu.

Acupoint: Zusanli and PI Shu.

(two) treatment

Each time two points were taken, the main points were the main ones.According to the acupoint and the fat and thin of the patient, choose the suitable glass tank with double holes.The tank is buckled on the acupoint and the syringe is suck up 20~40 ml of the above medicine, and is poured into the tank from the injection hole.Cover the vent hole with a rubber cap, and then air the syringe for 30~50 milliliters.Keep the cans for 20~40 minutes.Once a day, 10 times a course.

(three) efficacy evaluation

Of the 45 cases of chronic gastritis treated by the above laws, 17 cases were basically cured, 28 cases were effective, and the total effective rate was 100%.[12]

   Electrothermal needle

(1) acupoint selection

Main points: Zusanli and Neiguan.

Acupoints: Sanyinjiao and Hegu.

(two) treatment

Take the main points as the main point, add the acupoints simultaneously, and take both sides.The selected points were routinely sterilized. They were directly electroacupuncture at 1 to 1.5 inches in Zusanli, 0.5 to 1 inches in Neiguan, and then connected with the electric acupuncture apparatus. The current volume was 60~80 Ma, with a comfortable temperature and swelling sensation of the 6 patients.The acupoints were routinely punctures with a filiform needle, and the insertion method was applied, and 1 times every 10 minutes.All patients were retained for 40 minutes.1 times a day, 30 times for a course of treatment, a total of 3 courses, 3~5 days of rest between treatment.

(three) efficacy evaluation

A total of 32 cases were treated, the effective rate of symptoms was 97%, while that of gastroscopy was 90.6%.The effect was significantly higher than that of the filiform acupuncture group and Western medicine treatment group.[13]


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