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Acupuncture treatment of improving fatty liver


Fatty liver is a disease caused by excessive fat moving in the liver cells.Generally divided into two categories: alcoholic fatty liver and non-alcoholic fatty liver.The former is related to alcoholism, which is common in western countries, and there is also a trend of growth in China.This section focuses on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (fats). Obesity is one of the main causes of this disease.In recent years, because of the improvement of living standard and the change of diet structure, the incidence of fatty liver has increased rapidly.According to statistics, the incidence of fatty liver has reached 5-10% in China.It is worth noting that the incidence of fatty liver in obese children is 43.1%, close to the incidence of obese adults (50-60%), with the increasing incidence of obesity in children (such as Shanghai's surge from 5.1% in 1992 to 11.9% in 2001).Generally speaking, simple fatty liver has no obvious symptoms and will not cause cirrhosis. However, if not treated, it can further cause fatty hepatitis, resulting in fatty fibrosis, fatty liver cirrhosis, and even life-threatening.Therefore, its prevention and treatment has attracted more and more attention.


Prevention and treatment of fatty liver, first of all, is to change the diet structure, including eating less high-fat, high cholesterol foods, especially fried fried foods.Salt intake should be limited, and high protein foods such as tofu, lean meat, fish and shrimp should be eaten. Fresh vegetables, especially garlic and onion, will be helpful to drink plenty of water.The second is to lose weight and maintain the standard weight.In addition, it is also necessary to have proper exercise every day.


Acupuncture and moxibustion for prevention and treatment of fatty liver can be divided into two aspects. One is to directly improve the degree of liver fat infiltration through weight loss. The method of acupoint selection and pricking moxibustion can be used as reference for weight loss. One is the direct treatment of fatty liver. This work has been carried out for nearly 10 years, but has accumulated some experience.Methods acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, acupoint injection and acupoint application have certain effects.

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