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Ancient health: complaining is not healthy.


At the end of the Ming Dynasty, famous litterateur and historian said in Shen Xing: "those who complain are more hurt than those who hide themselves."If you blame and blame others for being known to each other, you can only increase their complaining and become increasingly rigid.If the other party retaliate, things will be more serious.And if your complaints and reproach are hidden in your heart, you will not let the other person know, though they will avoid hurting the other person, but you will hurt yourself.Two phase trade-offs, or no complaints.


Modern medical research has proved that people's bad mood can induce cancer.When people's mood is not good, the secretion of corticosterone increases.After entering the blood, this hormone can damage or reduce the immune function of human body and cause normal cells to become cancerous.In a census of esophageal cancer in China, 69% of the patients were found to be irritable or emotionally unstable.


Some statistics show that 74% of the patients with gastrointestinal diseases are in bad mood.This is because bad mood can cause hypothalamic dysfunction through the cerebral cortex.The hypothalamus is the hinge of the body regulating endocrine activity. It affects the stomach and intestines through the autonomic nervous system.motionFunction.We often feel bad when we are in bad mood. That's the reason.


And bad mood can also damage people's appearance.When the mood is low, the pituitary gland keeps secreting the melanocyte stimulating hormone, which causes the epithelial cells to synthesize melanin and accumulate in the skin.At the same time, as we mentioned above, bad mood can also increase the secretion of adrenaline, constrictor the arteries, slow or block the blood flow, reduce the supply of oxygen to skin tissue, lack of nutrition in the skin, easy to dry, shrink, wrinkle and so on.


Ancient ChinaHealth preservationAlthough science does not reveal negative emotions from the molecular and cellular level,HealthyBut fromChinese MedicineBased on the theory of Yin Yang and five elements, this phenomenon has been deeply studied, and the same conclusion has been drawn as today's medical research.The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic and the works of all hundred schools all have the conclusion of "seven emotions and internal injuries". Seven emotions are seven kinds of emotions, such as anxiety and panic.Xunzi said, "when the heart is worried, the mouth will not know its taste, but the ear will listen to the drum, but will not know its voice, but will not know its shape.It's hard to sleep in a bad mood.Shen Shi, a famous writer in the Ming Dynasty, said that the unhappiness and unhappiness of the Sui Dynasty made women "Yin Yang Qi", "color evil, muscle withered black."Taiping Jing, a Taoist classic in the Han Dynasty, clearly pointed out that "people do not worry, so they live on their own."


So since ancient times, great men have never complained about others.Confucius once said with emotion, "I do not blame others, but only go to school and achieve destiny."Later, the Confucianists summed up a sentence: not to complain of heaven, not to be human, to listen to destiny and to become the motto of people of all ages.


Of course, a great man does not always suffer from complaining.HealthyFrom the angle of dealing with problems, they must have such a measure and mind when they want to "rule the country and the whole world".At the same time, they are wise men who can unite the two elements at this point.When the road is one, the truth of the world is interlinked.So,Health preservationIt is also a kind of wisdom.


The ancients said, "a gentleman is easy to follow his life."The former is health preserving.


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