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Ancient health preserving classics


   Tranquil spiritHealth preservation


Tranquil spirit in traditionHealth preservationLearning occupies an important position.The ancients believed that God is the master of life activities, keeping calm.PsychologySmooth, can maintain the vital energy, make five zang organs peaceful, and help to prevent.diseaseAnd enhanceHealthyAnd prolong life.On the contrary, anger hurts the liver, likes to hurt, distressed the lungs, fears kidney damage, and induces various physical and mental disorders.


   Moving formHealth preservation


The ancients believed that "man's desire to work in shape, all diseases can not be accomplished"; the poet Lu You said that "form wants small labor", explained moderate.motionYesHealthyThe positive role.In ancient times, the ancients groped out movements such as massage, qigong, Taijiquan, Bagua, and five animal shows.If people seek comfort,motionInsufficient or overworked, it is easy to cause "labor injury", also known as "five injuries", that is, long sight injury, blood stasis, long bed injury, long sitting injury flesh, long standing injury bone, long row of injured tendons.


   dietHealth preservation


The ancients thought it reasonable.dietIt is possible to rectify the essence of Qi, correct the Yin and Yang of the Zang Fu organs, and prevent and cure it.diseaseProlong your life.sodietIt is necessary to pay attention to "Bo food", that is, "five grains are raised, five fruits are helpful, five animals are beneficial, five dishes are filled", and the importance of five tastes should be emphasized. Otherwise, it will be caused by imbalance of nutrition, physical constitution and dysfunction of organs.


   take tonicHealth preservation


Traditional medicine highly admired Yin and Yang, nourishing Zang Fu organs, nourishing essence and blood with nourishing drugs.reasonabletake tonicIt can strengthen the body, prevent disease and remove disease.buttake tonicIt should be dialectical and appropriate, and should also consider adapting to the four time.When taking tonic, it is more appropriate in the autumn if it is injected into the lung; if it is warm tonic, it is more suitable in winter.


   Consolidate essence and keep healthy


The ancients believed that the essence of blood is the essence of human nutrition, is the material basis of life, and the blood supply of the viscera can maintain its normal function.If there is no desire for sex and too much blood loss, it will lead to physical weakness, pathological changes and debilitating life expectancy.Maintenance of Yin essence can delay senility.


   Meridian health preservation


Meridian is a "network" system that spreads all over the body. It controls the movement of blood and gas to ensure the normal functions of all organizations.Huangdi Neijing says that the meridians have the function of deciding death, disease, and regulating the deficiency and excess.Ancient health experts believe that dredging meridians can be used as an important measure for health care, and the easiest way is to stimulate and massage regularly.acupunctureThree importantacupointHegu, Neiguan and Zusanli.Hegu Point can prevent facial and facial features.diseaseNeiguan point can help prevent and control.heartDisease, Zusanli point to prevent the viscera, especially the digestive system.diseaseThe most effective.


   Timely health preservation


According to the ancients, there are four different climatic changes in the sky. There are laws of life, growth, collection and storage in the earth, and human body is no exception.Therefore, the ancient people put forward the regimen of keeping in good health from the aspects of clothing, food, shelter and so on.The operation of human organs, yin and Yang, Qi and blood must be compatible with four seasons and must not be reversed.Adjusting the life behavior according to the time will help to prevent the disease. Otherwise, it will easily hurt the liver, reverse summer Qi is easy to hurt, reverse autumn Qi easily injures the lung, and reverse winter Qi easily injures the kidney.


   Self-cultivation and health preservation


The ancients believed that all pursuitHealthyThose who live longer must start with self-cultivation and nature.On weekdays, we should exclude all kinds of delusions, speak good words and do good deeds.The ancient physician Meng Yun said, "if you can protect your body, you must always speak well and never leave your mouth."Sun Simiao said, "sincerity is thinking and thinking is not enough.Develop good conduct, do things that are good for others, and broaden your mind and be in a good mood.


   Regulating qi and health


The ancients believed that the vital energy of the body was metaplasia, promoting and strengthening blood, warming the whole body, resisting disease and strengthening the function of Zang Fu organs.Many factors such as malnutrition, inactivity, emotional disorder, and attack of pathogenic factors can lead to symptoms such as deficiency, depression, stagnation and reverse of Qi, and then cause pathological changes in the body.The method of regulating qi and keeping health is advocated through careful living, following four seasons, giving up labor, preventing excessive escape and adjusting.dietAnd a series of measures, such as five flavors, seven emotions, provincial speech, learning and receiving, guidance and other measures, to recuperate Qi and dispels disease and prolong life.


   Attenuated health preserving


The ancients believed that if people are moody, they will cause Yin and Yang, Qi and blood disorders.Overwork can damage your spleen and hurt your temper.dietIt is wet, hot and phlegm.Offending six evils, all wounds are evil.This pathogenic factor is regarded as "poison" by the human body. Therefore, it is put forward that "reducing toxin" is the way to preserve the vital energy.And passdietConditioning, taking drugs and other measures to reduce the accumulation of poison in the body can prevent diseases, prevent premature aging, and prolong life.


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