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Beijing anti epidemic disease: 100% patients take traditional Chinese medicine, one person, one prescription


In June, a sudden outbreak of a cluster outbreak occurred in Beijing.As of July 4, 334 confirmed cases were reported in Beijing, and 10 cases were cured and discharged.It should be noted that among the 10 discharged patients, 7 were mainly treated with traditional Chinese medicine.

The reporter learned that in the process of fighting against the epidemic in Beijing, Chinese medicine was involved in the whole process at the first time. All cases were diagnosed and treated by traditional Chinese medicine at the first time of admission, and one person and one party determined the treatment plan of both Chinese and Western medicine, with significant effect.

Three "one" three "early" three "fine"

"In this round of concentrated epidemic treatment, Chinese medicine has really achieved timely, full and deep intervention, and 100% of patients take traditional Chinese medicine."The head of Beijing Municipal Administration of traditional Chinese medicine said in an interview with the reporter of economic reference daily.

The person in charge admitted that, unlike before, traditional Chinese medicine is no longer passive participation, but has a great initiative.This is also the first time that Beijing issued the "three year action plan for strengthening the construction of the capital's public health emergency management system (2020-2022)" in June this year, and the system and mechanism of comprehensive intervention of traditional Chinese medicine in the first time is more reasonable.

The person in charge said that in the process of epidemic prevention and control, in terms of prevention, preventive soup was still distributed to isolated personnel such as key groups, key areas and close contacts, so as to achieve 100% implementation of the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in preventing disease.Therefore, on the basis of summing up the experience of Hubei Province, the overall treatment plan of Beijing's new outbreak clustering epidemic situation has been further improved.Comprehensively achieve the three "one" — TCM doctors enter the first line at the first time, patients take Chinese medicine at the first time, and get complete and accurate first-hand TCM data.On the other hand, the accuracy of the data will be further standardized through accurate management in autumn

According to the person in charge, the three "fine" requirements of fine management, accurate data and accurate operation are important measures for this prevention and control.He said that the focus of this time is on the standardization of TCM symptoms, which ensures that more than 300 patients are treated by one person. From syndrome determination to prescription determination, and then to medication time and efficacy, the whole management process is more refined, the evidence is more accurate, and the measures are more accurate.

It is reported that in the treatment group, there are three aspects, namely, early treatment, early treatment, early rehabilitation, and so on.At present, more than 300 patients who are still in hospital in Beijing are all treated in Ditan hospital. Among them, there are two special wards for traditional Chinese medicine. At present, 60 patients are treated. In this ward, patients can take Chinese medicine within 2 hours after the prescription is opened, and adjust the prescription and medication in time with the change of symptoms.

The effect of one person and one prescription is remarkable

"The new outbreak in Beijing is more experienced and timely treated than Wuhan in terms of detection, response and disposal."Jiang Liangduo, a member of the expert group for the prevention and treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia of Beijing Municipal Administration of traditional Chinese medicine and professor of Dongzhimen Hospital Affiliated to Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine, told the economic reference news that the clustering epidemic situation in new places showed prominent characteristics of high correlation and concentration, and 47% of the confirmed cases were market staff of Xinfa.Therefore, in terms of personnel prevention and control, in addition, all patients were treated in Ditan hospital to avoid more nosocomial infections.

Jiang Liangduo revealed that in the early stage of the epidemic, the Beijing Municipal Administration of traditional Chinese medicine called for expert consultation as soon as possible.Compared with the previous clinical manifestations of patients in Wuhan, the same point is that they are all new coronavirus pneumonia, still damp pathogen disease, and the basic performance of cold and damp disease has not changed.On the one hand, the environment is hot, hot and dry with obvious damp and heat, which is different from the external environment at the beginning of the year; on the other hand, some patients suffer from the symptoms of decreased sense of smell and taste.

According to Jiang Liangduo's analysis, there was a saying in ancient times that under the dampness evil, the turbid evil was harmful to the clear, and the clear orifice was blocked.In this context, the general manifestations of the new outbreak are dampness pathogen, dampness toxin, heat toxin and damage of healthy qi. Therefore, after studying the cases and according to the characteristics of Beijing epidemic situation, they modified the traditional Chinese medicine prevention and control plan of Xinguan epidemic in Beijing, adjusted the preventive prescription simultaneously, added peppermint, agastachys rugosa, and eliminated the previous Trollius and Platycodon grandiflorumLine experts can then add and subtract the main formula according to the actual situation of patients.

"Ditan hospital has set up two separate wards, which are in charge of the TCM group."Jiang Liangduo said that according to the classification of light and heavy types, on the one hand, there are differences in prescriptions; on the other hand, a comprehensive treatment room of traditional Chinese medicine has been added, including massage, acupuncture, psychotherapy, etc.

Jiang Liangduo said that the treatment requires further strengthening the observation and Research on the changes of symptoms, timely observation of disease changes, and symptomatic medication, which will be further summarized and refined to improve the curative effect.For example, for those patients whose symptoms are less than severe, but the disease develops more rapidly, early intervention and timely treatment should be given according to the severity, so as to eliminate some key symptoms of patients as soon as possible.

At the 142nd press conference of Beijing new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work held on May 5, Liu Qingquan, President of Beijing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, introduced that the team of TCM experts went deep into ICU Wards and ordinary wards, adopted traditional diagnosis and treatment methods, differentiated treatment according to different conditions of each patient, and adjusted the treatment plan accordingly.As of July 4, of the 10 people who had been discharged from hospital, 7 of them were mainly treated with traditional Chinese medicine.

Liu Qingquan introduced that a 27 year old woman admitted to hospital on June 12, the patient's condition changed rapidly. On the second day of admission, she had dyspnea and respiratory failure. She received mechanical ventilation with endotracheal intubation, and her condition was further aggravated. On June 15, ECMO life support treatment appeared dizzy, irritable, sweating, cold limbs, purple tongue, thick greasy fur, floating pulse and rootless, which was diagnosed by traditional Chinese medicineFor the critical cases of Fuli Tuo, the basic prescription was "ginseng, shengrhubarb, Tinglizi" in "Yiqi gutuo, Tongfu Xiehe", combined with Angong Niuhuang Pill.Subsequently, the patient's condition gradually stabilized. ECMO was successfully removed on June 26 and ventilator was removed on July 3. At present, he was conscious and continued to be given "Yiqi Yangyin, Qingre Huashi" treatment.

In addition, Liu Quan was admitted to the hospital with tracheal intubation at the age of 44 on June 14. According to the introduction, the condition of a 44 year old man with severe tracheal intubation aggravated sharply on June 14.Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) diagnosis of "dampness and toxin disease" of "Yigan Decoction Combined with Shengjiang Powder" was used to remove dampness from lung and expel heatAt the same time, with Xuebijing injection 100ml intravenous infusion, Shenmai injection 100ml intravenous infusion; in the course of the patient's stool is blocked, repeated application of lactulose effect is not good, add heat and Tongfu traditional Chinese medicine to facilitate the circulation of Fu and lung, the patient's Fu Qi is unblocked, and the body heat subsides, and the condition is stable.The ventilator was removed on June 25. At present, the patient's condition was stable and turned to normal type. The patient was continued to be treated with the method of dispersing lung and removing dampness.

It is worth noting that Jiang Liangduo said that the new coronal pneumonia virus is more "cunning" than the previous infectious diseases, which is also the main reason why some Wuhan cases have turned negative and patients have recovered to positive again.Therefore, Beijing's discharge standards for patients are relatively high, so as to minimize the recovery rate of cured patients and reduce the risk of infection.

It is suggested to set up a special hospital of traditional Chinese medicine for infectious diseases

Liu Qingquan said that traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of new crown pneumonia, a new infectious disease, can fully show their skills, constantly summarize and refine, and give play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine.

"In terms of anti epidemic and anti epidemic measures, I think it is more mature in terms of technologyJiang Liangduo said that instead of focusing on targeted drugs, we will focus on how to prevent further development of the disease.There is no specific medicine for new infectious diseases such as new crown pneumonia. However, traditional Chinese medicine can give targeted comprehensive measures through syndrome differentiation and treatment through syndrome transformation and disease changes, which can greatly improve the cure rate and reduce the proportion of mild to severe diseases.

"The human struggle against microbes and viruses will not be short-lived."Jiang Liangduo suggested that we should establish a special hospital for the treatment of infectious diseases based on traditional Chinese medicine, train the talent team for epidemic disease treatment, strengthen the technical reserve for infectious diseases, and establish a real TCM Prevention and treatment team.Because the current Chinese medicine less research on epidemic diseases, talent shortage.

Jiang Liangduo believes that from this point of view, traditional Chinese medicine has obvious advantages in the treatment of viral infectious diseases.In the history of our country, there were more than 300 large-scale epidemic diseases according to preliminary statistics. Many classics of traditional Chinese medicine, such as treatise on Febrile Diseases and differentiation of epidemic febrile diseases, were formed after the epidemic, so we have accumulated rich experience in fighting against epidemic diseases.In the future, on the one hand, we should strengthen the training of talents, on the other hand, we should increase the deployment of national major scientific and technological projects in TCM, and deepen the related research of TCM.(reporter Liang Qian)

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