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Yesterday was the first day after the summer solstice. In the pediatric department of Beijing Traditional Chinese medicine hospital, the "three Fu Plaster" for winter disease treatment was officially put on. Many parents have brought their children to the hospital to apply.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that before entering the pediatrics, parents and children should first take the temperature at the triage table.At this time of year, there is an endless stream of patients going to the hospital to apply.Since more than two clinics have been set up in Beijing for the prevention and control of the epidemic, more than two clinics have been set up in Beijing to prevent and control the epidemic.According to the clinic location and the area of the room, the hospital decides the number of numbers to be released every day, strictly controls the flow of people and prevents aggregation.

It is understood that winter disease refers to the disease which is easy to attack repeatedly and aggravate in winter.Children's respiratory tract infection diseases, rhinitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis and repeated cough, asthma, etc., are suitable for sticking "three Fu Plaster" to achieve summer treatment of winter diseases.Children's application has one more stage than adults, which is more than 20 days from the summer solstice to the time before the first ambush."The purpose is to awaken acupoints, warm meridians and dredge collaterals."Beijing Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine Pediatrics director Li Min introduced, because for a year, the child's body acupoints in a relatively closed state, wake up after the three Fu application, the effect will be better, can achieve the role of absorbing Yang Qi, strengthening the body and strengthening the vital energy, which can effectively improve the immunity of children.During the period from summer solstice to toufu, it needs to be pasted three times, once every 10 days.After the real ambush, the interval is relatively close. It needs to be pasted every three days. This year, there are four volts, which last until the last day.

The doctor also reminded parents that the application time for children is 2 to 4 hours.In case of local skin redness, slight itching and burning sensation, it can be removed at any time; in case of fever, the application should be suspended; if the skin is damaged and allergic to application, it can not be applied.Summer climate is hot, clothes should be cool, avoid excessive sweating.On the day of application, cold drinks and fried food, cold bath and swimming are prohibited.Generally speaking, three years of continuous application is the best.Keep the stickers in the refrigerator.(reporter Jiang ruojing)

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