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Dredge the gallbladder and smooth the whole body.


"Huangdi Neijing" said: "all eleven dirty, depending on the courage."The gallbladder meridian of foot Shaoyang rises from the outer corner of the eye, reaches the frontal angle, descends to the point of wind behind the ear, enters the supraclavicular fossa from the neck and shoulders, goes straight to the armpit, goes along the chest and ventral side, connects the hip joint with the branch of the external branch of the eye, then descends along the middle line of the lower limb, and extends from the front foot of the lateral malleolus to the lateral end of the fourth toe.

Disorders of the biliary tract are prone to dizziness, headache, blurred vision, tinnitus and other facial features, as well as various discomfort and pain in the meridians, such as distention of the chest and rib, distention and pain of the waist and legs, and disorders of nervous and mental disorders, such as insomnia.The stimulation of the gallbladder meridian and its acupoints can clear the head, confront the ears, clear the eyes, relieve the fullness of the rib side, regulate sleep and treat lumbago and leg pain.

There are 44 acupoints on the gallbladder meridian, of which 20 are on the head and face.Finger pressing the stomach or pressing the ear around the point or massage the ear can clear the head, relieve the tension of the small muscles around the eyes and the ear, increase the local blood circulation of the scalp, and achieve good therapeutic and health care functions.It is also a good health care method to use hand fist or health hammer to stroke the gallbladder meridian in the waist and leg line, which can relax muscles, relieve fatigue and relieve nerve compression.

Dizziness, headache, insomnia: massage, acupuncture, Yang Bai, tou Lin, eye window, Feng Chi, four Cong points and other head points can improve the scalp microcirculation, calm and tranquilizing.

Lumbago and leg pain: Huan jump point is located at the lateral part of the human body. It is a special acupuncture point for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation or piriformis syndrome and other sciatic nerve compression syndromes. The stimulation of the acupoint can treat hemiplegia, lower limb atrophy and lumbago.(Gao Xinyan)

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