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Eight methods for ancient literati to keep in good health


1. sleep: Lu You, a great poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, aged 85 years old, who left more than 9000 poems for posterity.Health preservationThe method is to pay attention to sleep.He read in the evening, usually with two beat up (about 10 o'clock) as the limit.Sleep is the best way to eliminate physical fatigue and mental fatigue.Often staying up late is bound to be dizzy, not only hamper memory, thinking ability, but also affect people's life expectancy.


2. meditation: Su Shi, a talented writer in the Northern Song Dynasty, pushed to sit quietly.Health preservationLaw.He once built "Yi Xuan" in Guangdong County, and wrote a poem: "nothing is sedentary, one day is two days. If you live seventy years, it will be hundred and forty."Sit in law requires sitting posture straight, two eyes closed, the whole body to relax breathing, calm mind and calm mind, and keep the Dan Tian.Each sitting time can be 15 minutes to half an hour, which is ten good rest methods in the process of continuous brain use.


3. walking: walking is a mild activity, especially for long-term mental workers.The ancients stressed that every meal should not sit down immediately or go to bed.For example, Tao Hongjing, a thinker and a medical scholar in Qi Dynasty in the Southern Dynasty, said: "dietYou must not sit or lie down, but you want to get things done.When walking, you should slow down. Old and weak people may take a crutches and stop when necessary.


4. bath method: regular bathing and changing clothes is not only a good hygienic habit, but also helps to keep a clear mind, relax physically and mentally and eliminate fatigue.Shen Cunzhong, a scholar in Song Dynasty, said, "clothes wash frequently, and they are bathed in incense.Then Koya Michitatsuya.The book of rites and interior also put forward the requirement of "three days with bathing, five days with bath".


5. leisurely appreciation method: after reading and writing, planting flowers and grass in the garden, feeding birds and fish, in the elegant environment and fresh air, can cultivate fun and coordinate the pace of life.Gao Lian, a poet and dramatist in the Ming Dynasty, used "Yan Qing Qing appreciation" to appreciate appreciation as an important part of literati's health preservation.


6. recite poetry: Lu You has a poem: "children help one old waiting for the brook to come to the wind for a long time, and do not have to ask for more Xiong Zhi decoction."Reciting a good poem not only gives people the pleasure of hearing organs, but also produces people's thoughts and feelings.PsychologyEffect.This function, or to wash away the heart, or to encourage the mind, or pleasing to the heart, or to forget the pain, to the mind and body.HealthyVery useful.


7. leisurely way: Su Shi said: "Jiangshan wind and moon, the impermanence of the master, leisure is the master."The motherland is vast in territory and beautiful in mountains and rivers.Nature, adventure and intoxication in rivers and lakes can make people feel relaxed and happy, tired and depressed.


8., after a year of high physical weakness, unable to go out and enjoy the famous mountains and rivers, many of the landscape paintings can be hung in the four walls of the living room.Although you can never leave home, you can lie down and enjoy it.Ni Zan, a famous painter in the Yuan Dynasty, called it "a piece of zhe chrysanthemum as a supply, and a full wall of rivers and mountains as a sleeping Tour".During the appreciation, the visitors recollection the scene of visiting the mountains and waters and gradually forget the illness.


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