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Five elements Sheng Ke talks about traditional health preservation


The five elements are gold, wood, water, fire and earth.The ancients believed that the five elements constitute the five basic elements of the universe."Guoyu" has a cloud: "first, Wang Yitu, gold, wood, water, fire mixed, to hundreds of things."


The basic rule of the five elements is mutual generation and mutual restraint.The so-called "intergrowth" is the golden life, water, wood, wood, fire, earth, and earth, and every life has the correlation of "born me" and "I am born".The so-called "mutual restraint" is Jin Kemu, Mu Ke Tu, earth, water, fire and fire, and each gram has the correlation of "i ke" and "Ke I".There are grams in life. In grams, there is life, which is opposite and complementary.


In addition to the normal relationship between five elements, there are often abnormal phenomena of multiplication and opposition.The so-called "multiplication", that is, to restrain too much according to the order of the five elements, has the meaning of multiplying and attacking; the so-called "opposing insult" means the opposite of restraint and the opposite of restraint.For example, wood gas overflow gold, gold can not make wood, then wood gas will go to the earth, and in turn will also insult gold; on the contrary, wood gas is insufficient, then gold to ride wood, soil against wood.


It can be seen that the five lines of health grams are required to be appropriate. They should not only be inadequate but also prevent too much.Chinese MedicineThe "differentiation" is "here".Based on the above ideas, ancient medicine combined with clinical practice, elaborated the relationship between the five elements and the individual's internal and external environment, and guided people's self.HealthcareAt a glance: for instance, the liver is a wood, and the anger hurts the liver.Because anger is vigorous and vigorous, liver lifting leaves; sadness is in the lung and belongs to gold, gold can make wood; fear is tied to the kidneys and belongs to water and water to grow wood.In terms of internal environment, this system is analogous to others.For external environment, springHealthcareThe key is to protect the liver and prevent the invasion of wind evil.This is the reason for the so-called "spring cover".Yu analogy.


At this point, we may as well look back at Xue Baochai's words: "the liver Qi is flat, and we can not control the soil."The liver is a wood, the spleen and the stomach belong to the soil, the wood and the soil are mutual grams, the wood generates the fire, the liver fire is too big to damage the spleen earth, the liver fire is flat, can not again ask the spleen and stomach, can take the nutrition of the food with the earth.Look, it is much more vivid and more appropriate.


The ancients believed that the five elements' mutual generation, mutual restraint and their multiplication and opposition are the beginning and the beginning of the combination, birth, destruction, circulation and evolution of the universe.Health preservationHealthcareAt the beginning of this period, Zhang Jingyue, an ancient medical scientist, said, "the machine of creation can not be without life, nor can it be undeveloped."Therefore, we are fastidious.Health preservationHealth care must follow the five elements rule and follow the five elements rule.However, with the restriction of the times, the five elements of the ancients can not be reached to a rigorous scientific system, but the human body is not.HealthyIt is a very complex system engineering.Therefore, we should not be metaphysical and farfetched by using the five elements in health care.


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