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Five keys to health preservation and prevention of Chinese Medicine


The reason why traditional Chinese health preserving theory is enduring and effective is that it is formed under the guidance of TCM theory, attaches importance to the harmony and unity of man and nature, emphasizes integrity and is good at arousing people's subjective initiative.

First, maintain the essence, spirit and spirit.

Traditional Chinese medicine summarizes the most important material and functional activities of human body into essence, Qi and spirit. It is considered to be the basis of life and the three essential elements to maintain the whole life of human body.

Fine, generally refers to all nutrients in the human body. It is innate and acquired. Congenital essence is due to parents, and the essence of acquired is derived from diet.Sperm is mainly administered by kidneys, often known as "kidney essence".The essence of human beings is not only the basic elements of human body, but also the whole growth of human body.The process of development, reproduction and aging.

Qi is the essential substance necessary to maintain human life activities.It is a motive force to promote the function of human organs and organs. It is not only a substitute for material but also a function.Qi has important functions in the human body, such as bringing forth new ideas, warming the viscera, defending external pathogens, fixing the essence of blood and transforming nutrients."All men are born, all rely on this spirit".The energy flow is endless. If the ring is unprovoked, the human body is healthy and disease-free. Therefore, the ancients said, "Qi is the medicine of drowning."Modern experimental studies also show that "Qi" may be the material basis for the formation of immunity.Therefore, gas can not be consumed, and it can not be stagnant.

God refers to a series of mental consciousness and thinking activity of the human body, which is the main body of the mind (equivalent to the brain of modern medicine).The supreme commander of the heart is the supreme commander of the human body. God is in the first place, the heart is strong, the spirit is ample, the spirit is strong, the body is strong, the spirit is loose, and the body is weak.If the heart hurts, then God goes, and God goes. "Therefore, in order to nourish the mind with a clear mind and few desires, the body can maintain health and prolong life.Bai Juyi poetry cloud: "worry extremely heart and blood gas decline, not until thirty white hair."This is a true portrayal of God's consumption and premature senility.Always keeping a cheerful mind and broad-minded mind is the first thing to keep in mind.

The essence of Qi, Qi and spirit is the guarantee of health, and the causes of aging, such as deficiency of Qi, deficiency of Qi and consumption of energy, are the reasons for aging.Although essence, spirit and spirit have their own characteristics, the three are indivisible as a whole.Zhang Jingyue said, "those who are good in health must have their essence, their vigor and vitality, and the spirit of the whole."Ming and Chen Jiru pointed out in the "health preserving skin language": "essence can be angry, and Qi can give birth to God." the essence of Qi is also the essence of God.There are doctors who think that essence, spirit and spirit are "three treasures". They are "three treasures outside the ear, eyes and mouth". To keep health and longevity, we must "keep the three treasures from flowing away, but not the other three treasures."Therefore, to maintain the essence of Qi, Qi and spirit, the key is to cultivate one's health and cultivate one's mind.The method of recuperating in Qigong is to control the mind and body through self-regulation, which is a better means to maintain the essence, spirit and spirit of the human body.It requires a high degree of concentration of thought, a calm mind, a relaxation of mind, a relaxation of the whole body, a complete absence of mind, and a protective inhibition of the cerebral cortex.For a long time, you can receive the essence of maintenance.The feet are full of vigor, the spirit is full, the spirit is full, the spirit is radiant, the movement is strong and healthy, the old person can crane the face, prolong the life, the young person may lengthen the youth, postpones the aging.This view is like Tai Chi Chuan, eight section brocade, five animal show and so on, which are good ways to adjust the essence of Qi.

Two, life must be regular.

According to Huang Di's Canon of internal medicine, people's life expectancy in ancient times is relatively long. "Spring and autumn are all one hundred years old without action". Later generations are not."Later generations of people "drink wine for pleasure, heart is often used as a rule, drunk into the house, in order to exhaust their essence, to dissipate their true, do not know that they are full, and often resist God, quick to their hearts, contrary to the joy of life, living without a knot, and letting go of half a hundred."That is to say, if life is regular, people will prolong their lives. If there is no regularity in life, people will suffer from premature death and short life.

First of all, the diet should be regular. It should be regular and quantitative."The five flavors of the soul pivot" cloud: "the valley does not enter, the half day is bad, the day is less."Insufficient feeding can not satisfy the needs of normal human life activities. The source of Qi and blood biochemistry is insufficient. It can not protect the energy supply of human organs, and can lead to premature senility.Conversely, "diet is doubled, stomach and stomach are injured".Excessive diet is also an important factor that damages human health and leads to aging.Eating too much, exceeding the capacity of the digestive organs, will damage the spleen and stomach, can not normally decompose and transport the water and valley, digest and absorb dysfunction.Modern clinical evidence shows that overeating and overeating can not only affect the function of digestive organs, but also provide insufficient blood supply to organs such as heart and brain.Long term unrestrained diet, especially after middle age, does not pay attention to this. Excess fat deposits form obesity and fatty liver.Slower blood flow, increased blood viscosity, and hardening of the heart and brain can make people age earlier.So there is "eat seven points full, do not need to see the doctor".

Partial eclipse is also the cause of the disease.Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes that "five grains are for nourishment, five fruits are helpful, five animals are beneficial, five dishes are filled", grains and grains are mixed together, so that nutrients can be absorbed and the nutrition of human body tends to be balanced.If you are partial, you will cause many diseases.Such as "Su asked five visceral generation theory", said: "eat more and reduce, then the pulse is astringent and discolouration; eat more bitter, then the skin is withered and the hair is skilled; when eating more spicy, the tendon is acute and the claw is withered; when eating more sour, the meat is wrinkled and the lips are uncovered.""The five flavors of Ling Shu" also said: "acid walking tendons, more food is hard, salty blood, more food is thirsty; Xin Xing Qi, more food is the heart of the hole; bitter bone walking, more food makes it vomit; sweet go meat, eat more pleasant."Facts have shown that too much salt and a large amount of sodium ions enter the blood, and the water in the cell is diluted from the cells to increase the blood volume as a means of protection. With the intake of large amounts of water, the volume of blood – blood volume continues to increase, thus aggravating the burden of the heart.Flow resistance and elevated blood pressure.Too much salt in the body can also inhibit iodine activity. Iodine loses its vitality, which destroys the amine, reduces the secretion of hormones, darkles the skin, or develops brown spots or freckles, or the skin is dry.Therefore, the daily intake of salt should be controlled below 10 grams.If the daily limit of salt intake is below 0.5 grams, the blood pressure will gradually decrease.Five tastes of food are essential to the human body, and can not be eaten more, so "Su Tong Qi Tong Tian Lun" says: "Yin is born, Ben is in five flavors; Yin's five organs are injured in five flavors."

How to make a reasonable diet?Lao Lao Heng said well: "do not starve and eat, but eat not enough; do not drink too much but drink too much."However, if the melon is not empty, it will go down to the muscle marrow.Where food is always less beneficial, spleen is easy to run, but it is semen.Otherwise, the most important thing is to eat more food and to get hurt.If this is done, the diet will be just right.

Next is drinking less.Wine is the body fluid of five grains, and the Chinese flower of rice Qu can avoid wind and cold, declare blood vessels, eliminate pathogenic Qi, and induce medicinal potential.Moderate alcohol consumption can promote digestion, supplement human body heat and nutrition, prevent cardiovascular diseases, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and hypnotic effects.If the drunken drinking is excessive, the pot will pour its weight, and the whole day will take the wine as the pulp. It will poison the gas and attack the heart.Long term excessive drinking can cause chronic alcoholism, chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, fatty liver and cirrhosis, and drinking strong liquor can induce acute myocardial infarction and die.Therefore, it is better to drink less wine."Compendium of Materia Medica" pointed out: "less alcohol and blood, and blood gas, while drinking will hurt the mind and consume blood."

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