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Five principles of health preservation


ChinaHealth preservationThe theory and method are extremely rich and summed up mainly by following five principles:


First, conform to natural life in nature, and have close ties with it.With all kinds of changes in nature, the human body will change accordingly.If sweating in summer and dry skin in autumn, people's living habits will also be different in different soil and water environments.If you do not know this reason and do whatever you want, the body can not adapt to changes in nature.diseaseHappen again.If some people seek fashion, winter clothes are few and dew, so that cold, joint pain; some people only comfortable, summer days long incubation air conditioning, and finally produce "air conditioning disease".Only when people understand the law of change in nature, can they adapt themselves to all kinds of changes in nature, such as daily life, thinking and behavior, and maintain coordination in and out of the body, then we can prevent diseases.HealthcareIt's good for longevity.


Two.motionThe shape of the body is like the dwelling of life.It contains essence, Qi and spirit, and maintains the life activities of the human body.Physique is also an important barrier for human to resist external evil. Human skin, blood, bones, viscera and other organs all have the function of resisting evil.Therefore,Health preservationDisease prevention must pay attention to the transformation of physique.In Lu's spring and Autumn Annals, he said, "running water is not rotten.The same is true for Qi.Form does not move, fine without flow, fine without flow, qi depression.It explains the reason why moving form prevents stagnation of essence.motionPhysique can also enhance the function of the spleen and stomach, and contribute to the metaplasia of Qi and blood.About longevityThe elderlyLongitudinal studies show that those who stick to moderate physical activity or physical exercise can mostly live independently after the age of 90.


Three, regulating the vital energy is to maintain the normal filling and normal activity of the body.


   Chinese MedicineIt is believed that Qi is the most basic material for human body and human life activities.Qi fills the whole body and runs continuously, promoting and arousing all kinds of physiological activities of the human body.The ups and downs of the gas and the normal operation of the body determine the strength and weakness of the body.If the change of life at four hours is inconsistent, it can cause the dissipation of gas or the obstacle of running gas; excessive exertion and lack of sexual life can lead to Qi deficiency.dietImproper will also hurt; emotional disorders are the most vulnerable to Qi and stagnation.In addition, indiscriminate use of tonics, often damage the integrity of the invisible.


Four, protect Yin, essence, Yin, essence of kidney, including other organs.Chinese MedicineSperms are the basic substances that make up the human body and promote the growth and development of the human body.


Five, the God in quiet spirit is the mental activity.To keep healthy, we must keep quiet in mind.Generally speaking, when people live in a society, mental activities are often disturbed and difficult to be quiet.Improper use of God, excessive emotional activity or sudden intense emotion over a long period of time exceeds the body's ability to adjust and adapt. It can cause injury to Qi, cause disorder of Qi, disorder of yin and Yang, and damage of viscera.Therefore, from the perspective of health and disease prevention, we should always keep the spirit quiet.In this way, the essence, Qi and form can be restored to health.Spiritual feelings are often pleasant and pleasant, avoiding irritability, anxiety, sadness, surprise and anger.Regular sit down, enjoy music, calligraphy and painting and other artistic activities can produce good adjustment effect.Therefore, it is not a passive stillness and evasion, but a rational use of God, so that it has a positive recuperation effect on the body.


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