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Health songs help you keep healthy.


Lu You has another.Health preservationName poem cloud: the son helps an old river side, come to inform the head wind for a long time not recover.No need for Xiong Zhi medicine, my poem has been awakened.Reading poetry has made the head wind disease that has been cured for a long time without cure.


The ancients once said: "Shi Chuan Du Fu can eliminate disease, this is not necessarily."Gach's elegance and elegance are not easy to read.Legend of the Qing Dynasty White Rock Zhu Gong suffering from gas pain (stomach disease), whenever the disease, will recite the first few poems of Du Fu, often recite pain stop, repeatedly see wonders.


Selected belowHealth preservationBallads can be chanted as a "good ballad" of "happy nature" and "fitness therapy".


   Happy longevity


If you are in a good mood,HealthyIt will always be there.


If the mood is clear, there will be a bright light.


If you are content enough, you will feel happy.


If you don't consider fame and wealth, you will feel satisfied.


If you learn to make happiness, you will have happiness.


Learning to dispel worries will have them.Healthy。


   Longevity song


A clean life is a good virtue and a refreshing shower.


A clear mind sleeps early, and fresh air runs in the morning.


LightdietAsk for food and clothing, clean rooms and clean up.


The scent of tobacco and alcohol is not good, and Qingning's environment is free from worry.


Clear heart has less desire for life, and clear eyes are not old.


     "Chang" Song


A beautiful time often recalls.


Shuxin Chun often drinks and drinks.


A bosom friend knows his heart, he laughs with his heart.


Lyric music is always harmonious, and lyric music is often heard.


     "Multi" Song


Sing many beautiful poems and see more birds in the woods.


Read more and enjoy the good, and listen more to the mountains and rivers.


Eat more coarse tea and light rice.


More with children and grandchildren, and more sincere with their partners.


More outdoor with sunshine, and more longevity swing chess.


   Five words and no old song


Old people are not old.


Old people are not old and optimistic.


Old people are not old and worry is scared away.


Old age is not old, and dedication can not be small.


Old people are not old.


Old people do not accept old age and have goals in life.


Old people are not afraid of old age.


Old people never grow old, but they never learn arrogant.


Old people are not afraid of old age.


Old people do not sell well, but they are willing to be a grass.




Words know faults but few faults.


Actions know little about regrets.


Love knows more than festivals.


Joy knows nothing but loses.


   dietKnowing the rulesdiseaseless




The heart is calm and the mind is open.


Be eager to exercise strength and strength


The backbone wants to heal the rectum and stomach.


The tongue needs to be rolled up.


The eyes and ears are clear.




No matter how hard it is.


To be quiet and respectful, to set your mind on fire.


   dietThe spleen and the earth do not practise.


There are few words for breathing, and the lungs are full of gold.


Quiet and few desires, kidney water is self sufficient.


   37 health songs


Eat: three points stomach, hunger seven points full;


Distress: three points, seven worries.


Eat vegetables: three points salty seven points light;


Out: three minutes by car seven branches;


Diet: three points meat dishes seven points;


Fitness: three points entertainment seven points practice;


Wear: three points cool, seven points warm.


Communication: three points are impatient and seven points wide.


Husband and wife: three points and seven points.


Passion: three points, seven points.




Take care of a room, and feel safe and safe.


The cloth is better than silk, and it can be worn and worn short.


A full meal is full of three meals, sweet and sweet.


A few bowls of flowers and grass were placed before the windows.


When you are quiet, talk about the book, learn some sages, and remember the motto.


Praise and punish evil, rely on intuition, fill in a word, write a poem.


The ink is generous, a few distant mountains, and several orchids.


The six holes and seven sounds are all full of music.


Roam when the car does not stop, today, half a million, tomorrow eight thousand;


For people who are not led by fame and wealth, they do not list immortal classes.


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