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HongRi pharmaceutical's "package plan" to carry out the poverty alleviation of traditional Chinese medicine industry


"My family has been growing grain and vegetables for more than 10 mu before. I don't know what to grow to make money. There are technicians in pharmaceutical factories teaching me hand-in-hand. I'm willing to try some herbs."Wang manxia, a farmer in weijiashan, Qiaoyu Town, Weiyuan County, Dingxi City, said that as a household for filing and registration, more than one mu of land was set aside to try to plant Chinese herbal medicines in order to increase their income.

It is understood that the technicians of the pharmaceutical factory mentioned by Wang manxia come from Gansu foci HongRi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as foci HongRi), which is subordinate to HongRi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HongRi pharmaceutical).According to Liao Bin, a technician at foci HongRi, pharmacists can not only get free training on Chinese herbal medicine cultivation, but also enjoy the preferential purchase policy of pharmaceutical companies in the harvest season.

"We provide technology to guide the planting. Through the demand for medicinal materials, we can promote the local planting of medicinal materials, and gradually transform to scale, industrialization and standardization of traditional Chinese medicine planting.When the medicinal materials are mature, the company will give priority to the poor drug farmers and give the profits of the former "drug dealers" to the farmers to ensure their profits.HongRi pharmaceutical has realized digital management and arranged technical personnel to help at the same time, which not only ensures the planting quality of traditional Chinese medicine, but also avoids the worries of farmers that the medicinal materials can not be sold out. "Liao Bin explained.

Yao Xiaoqing, chairman of HongRi pharmaceutical, said that order based purchasing can not only increase farmers' confidence in medicinal materials, but also make poverty alleviation work continue to develop and help local farmers get rid of poverty instead of returning to poverty.Traditional Chinese medicine promotes poverty alleviation and prosperity, which is not only reflected in planting, but also in its industrialization.It is not simply planting and selling traditional Chinese medicine, but a "package plan".

"At present, the company has established industrial poverty alleviation projects such as the production of Chinese herbal pieces and the production of full ingredient Chinese medicine formula granules in several national poverty-stricken counties."Yao Xiaoqing introduced that the construction of Weiyuan formula granule project in Gansu Province started on June 28 this year.For the purpose of targeted poverty alleviation, HongRi pharmaceutical has set up a production base for Chinese herbal pieces and a transfer base for traditional Chinese medicine in Chengde City, which has also started site selection recently. The training of traditional Chinese medicine planting and primary processing skills for local farmers is gradually launched.

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