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Jing Qi is in line with the liver qi, and is good for health and epidemic prevention.


Jing Jie is the third solar terms in the twenty-four solar terms. This year's alarm is March 5th.The arrival of the hiking season symbolizes the warming of the weather, the temperature begins to pick up, and the animals hibernating in the winter due to the decrease of temperature begin to slowly come out.Therefore, the "wake up" is also known as the day when the heavens wake up to live in a thunderstorm. At this time, most parts of our country will soon enter the spring ploughing season.Combined with the current epidemic situation, I would like to give you three suggestions on health keeping.

Emotional diarrhea and liver Qi

Chinese medicine believes that the five elements in spring belong to the wood, corresponding to the liver, while the liver dispersing and dispersing the liver.Therefore, we should keep an optimistic attitude in keeping healthy in the spring, be open-minded and cheerful, and not be angry or sad.This winter and spring handover, because of the epidemic, our mood fluctuates with the outbreak of the epidemic, and sometimes we are angry and sometimes we are moved to tears.Although from the perspective of health preservation, too intense emotional changes are very bad for physical health, but it is very normal to carry out corresponding emotional responses to nature and objective things.I will not challenge you to ensure stability and good mood.Because appropriate emotional outlet is also necessary for mental health.

However, we need to remind you that a good mental state can improve the body's ability to adapt to the environment and increase its ability to resist disease, thereby playing a role in preventing disease.At the same time, a good mental state can also accelerate the recovery of the disease.Therefore, appropriate catharsis can be done. Do not let bad emotions occupy your heart for a long time.

Diet nursing and slow throat drying

In the season of waking, all things recover, and the temperature rises faster. However, there is still time for warming up and cold. Therefore, besides paying attention to cold prevention and warm keeping, we should also pay attention to the dry mouth and exogenous cough caused by external climatic factors.Therefore, people have the custom of eating Pyrus, and the pear is sweet and cool. It can produce fluids and quench thirst, moisten the lungs and stop cough.Therefore, in the season of waking, it can be eaten raw pear, or steamed, boiled, squeezed juice to relieve the dry mouth.However, to remind you, during the epidemic period, if cough, fever, etc., should be timely treatment, and can not be self catering at home.

Reasonable movement for epidemic prevention

With the warmer temperatures, the bright spring and the beautiful climate, many people who are staying at home for a long time are eager to move.Moreover, with the reduction of epidemic prevention and control level, many places even had a scene of eating tea and eating without climbing masks.Although we suggest that we should do some spring outing in the spring, we will continue to work on epidemic prevention, so please keep your exercise in order to keep up with the vitality of spring.For most of the northern cities, there is no view that the willow leaves are greener and the mountain flowers are beginning to open. Therefore, if there is no epidemic in their own area, they can take good masks and take a walk in the community so that they can get close to the nature of the spring for a while.

Text: Wei Guo, Department of nutrition, Oriental Hospital, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Audit: Li Chenhui, Guo Rongjuan, Bai Liqun, Cao Jianchun, Shen Qian, Yan Jiankun, Liu Fang.

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