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Let’s see if your medicine is really fake.


In autumn and winter, it is advisable to nourish health, but we should pay attention to distinguish the true and false.Experts from the Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration said that in the beginning of winter, soup can be added with some tonic herbs. This is a simple and easy way to identify the purchase of medicinal herbs. The main ingredients are Cordyceps, ginseng and 37.

According to the experts of the SFDA, the main distinguishing point of the good quality Cordyceps is that they smell like mushrooms. Some of them will have some fishy or light grass flavors when they are opened after sealing. They will feel a little elasticity when touching.If you look at the shape, there are 8 pairs of Cordyceps sinensis on the ventral side, and 4 pairs of feet in the middle are very obvious. When looking at the cross section, they have obvious lines after breaking, showing a characteristic of “one width, three narrow textures”.

“Ginseng and Korea ginseng began to sell well in autumn and winter, because they all belong to the big supplement products.”A drugstore official told reporters.

How to identify ginseng?According to experts, taking sun dried ginseng as an example, the main distinguishing feature of the genuine product is that the main root is spun or conical or cylindrical, with a grayish yellow surface and a hard texture.”Ginseng has a distinctive aroma, tastes bitter and tastes sweet.”The cross section of Gao Lican’s cornea is translucent and has a light cambium.

For real Cantonese, parity 37 is the best selling “dual-use” material.The head of the drugstore said that 37 is basically a popular variety with good walking throughout the year, with no obvious peak season.

“There are 37 of the young roots and rhizomes sold on the market. These are called” small 37 “, but they are not genuine products.According to the experts of the SFDA, the shape of the genuine 37 is the shape of the conical or cylindrical shape. The surface of the main body is grayish brown or greyish yellow, and the section may be greyish green, yellowish green or gray.”37 body weight, solid texture, micro air and taste bitter to sweet.”According to experts, according to traditional experience, when choosing 37, it is best to choose a “copper skin iron bone” with weight, quality, and smooth surface.(all media reporter Tu Duanyu)

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