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Often raise your legs and suffer from lumbago.


It is often considered a rude way to sit cross legged on social occasions.But there are many people who love to raise two long legs. According to the survey, nearly half of the women in the United States love to raise their legs as long as they are sitting, while men have 21% legs from time to time.They often get out of habit and feel comfortable and comfortable with their legs crossed. Some women also think that their legs are sexy and elegant.However, the results of the survey have aroused the unease of medical experts.

For sedentary working women, low back pain is probably the most common disease.Most of the direct causes are spinal deformities.The normal spine should be seen in the form of "S" from the side. The lumbar vertebrae can cause spinal nerves to be oppressed and painful for the lordosis or the back bending.Most of the women with back pain are due to lumbar lordosis or back bending.The reason for that is to cross your legs.Because it is easy to stoop when sitting on the legs, causing uneven pressure distribution between the lumbar spine and the thoracic vertebrae. After a long period of time, heat will pressure the spinal nerves and cause low back pain.

On the other hand, according to Navarro, director of the New York Center for intravenous therapy, raising your legs will also hamper blood circulation in your legs and cause leg varicosity.Varicose veins are chronic diseases caused by long-term expansion of veins. The legs are the most common. Serious people often have poor venous reflux in their legs, blue veins, bursts, ulcers, phlebitis, bleeding and other diseases. According to Navarro survey, half of the American women aged 35 or above who like to raise two legged legs suffer from varying degrees of varicose veins, and the other half also suffer from varying degrees of varicose veins.I often feel uncomfortable in my legs.

In view of the fact that the two legged legs are prone to lumbago and leg disease, experts advise the office workers and women who are fond of beauty should sit down and change their bad habits. Recently, some doctors in the United States have launched a campaign to ask women to "stop crossing their legs for one day".

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