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Oral ulcer, herbal tea, laryngo powder are useless.


Medical director / chief physician Guan Donghua of Southern Medical University stomatological hospital, chief physician of the Department of periodontal mucosa,

Every winter to the Spring Festival, oral ulcers are often a small peak of onset. On the one hand, they are related to food. On the other hand, they are also rushing back and forth to work with people. They still have to stay up late to entertain parties.In addition, there are a number of “vulnerable teeth” in the oral cavity, hoping that the owner can take good care of them and make proper use of them.

Young people: don’t bite hard stuff with your teeth, eat hard new year’s products.

Children: avoid injuries and hurt teeth when playing together.

Old man: eat less sticky food, go out to dinner, don’t lose your dentures.

Eating too much nourishing food is prone to excess heat.

After eating too much hot snack or hot pot, there is an ulcer in the mouth. Many people feel that it is caused by excessive heat.Dr. Wang Ming, deputy director of Department of traditional Chinese medicine, Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University, said that from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, oral ulcers are one of the hot spots, and the two is the emergence of virtual fire.When the Chinese New Year holidays coincide with the cold season, people eat excessive amounts of warm food for nourishing the Yang, helping the yang to help the fire, making the fire more vigorous and the Yin fluid consuming more, so it is more prone to ulcers.From the perspective of Western medicine, it is vitamin deficiency, too many high protein meat, insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables, and heavy metabolic burden.

Like “bad mouth” different incentives

Dentists have different interpretations of the causes of oral ulcers.Oral ulcer is an experience that almost everyone has had, says Zi Yunling, a senior physician in the Department of periodontal mucosa at Southern Medical University dental hospital.Cantonese, commonly known as “Sheng Fei”, has a “tricky” scientific name called “recurrent aphthous oral ulcer”.This category of ulcers is very common, mainly due to decreased resistance, high working pressure, emotional stress and poor oral hygiene. However, in most cases, it will heal within a week, and few people will go to the doctor for “Sheng Fei”.

Another kind of traumatic oral ulcer is caused by wound wounds, such as biting itself, being punctured by bones, fishbone, or even worn out root.In addition, some substances allergy can also cause so-called “ulcers”, which is called “exudative erythema drug eruption” in medicine, and the mechanism is totally different.

Chafing dish ingredients or inducing “ulcer”

Zi Yunling said, why is “Sheng Fei Jie” more frequent when the festival is near?One is to go home on vacation, visit relatives and friends, work hard, and stay up late for entertainment. Natural resistance is not related to food itself.

But snacks in hot pot and new year’s products also have the chance to cause wounds and allergies, and form ulcers.-the gathering of the fireplace, eating while chatting, accidentally bites; the food is too hot to hurt the mucosa; the bone fishbone scrapes the mucous membrane; the hard shell nut hurts the mouth.

What is even more unexpected is that many chafing dish dips and soup base materials contain Chinese herbal medicines. Some people do not know that they are allergic to such herbs.

Repeated ulcers are hard to cure and seek medical advice.

Because oral ulcers are very common, many patients often resolve themselves by self catering conditioning or taking simple hot tea and spray, and rarely go to the hospital.Doctors remind that repeated or difficult oral ulcers, especially those with no obvious pain, should be noticed.For example, many traumatic oral ulcers, if repeated rubbing stimulation, the risk of cancer is very high.There are also some systemic diseases, which can also show oral ulcers and need to be investigated.

Zi Yunling introduced that the Department had once interviewed a 19 year old female patient, because there was an unusual deciduous tooth in the oral cavity has not been processed, the long-term scrapes the oral mucosa to form the ulcer, but did not have the obvious pain, but finally in the hospital diagnoses the tongue cancer, is grieved.

So, what kind of medical treatment is needed?

Zi Yunling reminded that ordinary recurrent ulcers usually heal themselves within a week.If you find that “bad mouth” is not good for more than a week, or repeated attacks, or traumatic ulcers for more than ten days without self-healing, and become less intense pain, it is best to go to the hospital for treatment.

Two things to do for prevention: sleep + brush your teeth.

Zi Yunling said that in winter and Spring Festival, the most common thing for ordinary people to prevent oral ulcers is to maintain adequate sleep and relax their emotions.

Don’t stay up late because of relaxation, otherwise the resistance will drop.Secondly, we must brush our teeth frequently. We insist on brushing our teeth sooner or later, and brushing our teeth for at least 3~5 minutes at a time. It can reduce the accumulation of food residue and breed bacteria and cause infection.It is best to wash the teeth once a year to the hospital, and remove the residual root in the mouth as soon as possible, so as to avoid repeated stimulation of mucous membranes.

“Household equipment for dental and dental cleaning, including dental floss, small head soft toothbrush, toothbrush, dental cleaners (dental flushing device), if you can keep it up, stick to it, and insist on brushing your teeth five times a day, one mouthful can be used for eighty or ninety years, and oral ulcers will be far away from you.”Zi Yunling said.

Treatment: herbal tea, laryngo powder and salt are all useless.

Many people will deal with themselves when they have severe oral ulcers. The common practice is: they eat anti-inflammatory drugs; drink herbal tea under fire; use throat powder to spray the affected area; liquor burns; the old will teach you to eat salty plum or even rub directly with salt.

The doctor told you that all these practices are useless.Antiphlogistic drugs have no effect on oral ulcers; the unknown herbal tea on the street may cause allergies, aggravate ulcers, or even damage the liver and kidney; laryngeal powder, liquor, and salt will increase physical and chemical stimulation, leading to more erosive surfaces.

In fact, treating oral ulcers is very simple. Like precautionary measures, early sleep helps restore physical strength; brushing teeth removes infection factors.Serious, if necessary, seek medical advice. Relieve symptoms may include hormones, immunomodulators and other drugs, but they are usually not antibiotics.

Add one more point: do not eat “hair” seafood during the ulcer period.


These injuries should be on the alert.

Near the Spring Festival, all kinds of gatherings and entertainment activities may hide the “trap” of tooth injury. Guan Donghua, chief physician of the special center of Stomatological Hospital of Southern Medical University, took inventory.

Young people:

Eat hard new year’s products to prevent “collapse teeth”

First of all, hard shell nuts in new products may cause injuries to the teeth themselves.Guan Donghua said that in the outpatient clinic, it is not uncommon to bite teeth with small hard objects.The most common are the grains in the rice, the small bones in the soup dregs and so on. Melon seeds, which are not hard nuts, can also accumulate “melon seeds teeth”. There is a gap in the front teeth, which is also true.”Melon seed teeth not only affect the appearance, but also damage the enamel inside the body, and there will be severe teeth sensitive symptoms and need to be repaired.”Therefore, it is not necessary to use the same place as incisors for a long time.

Guan Donghua said, the most common clinical is the bite of hard objects after a slight concussion teeth-no crack, pain, indicating a slight damage to periodontal ligament, this situation does not need special treatment, but should pay attention to avoid using this tooth in a short time to stress, pay attention to let the teeth rest, after a period of time, the periodontal ligament can repair itself.

Slightly serious is the tooth enamel collapse, if it is only a small piece, the tooth is not sensitive to discomfort, does not affect the occlusion, will not cause food impaction, nor to the oral mucosa formation scratch uncomfortable, can not deal with.

If the cracked tooth is too big, the patient will obviously feel the cold and hot irritable and irritable. This condition must go to the Department of stomatology for medical treatment, because it has damaged the dentin and even the pulp, and needs filling or even inlay or full crown restoration. If it hurts the pulp, it must first receive root canal treatment; if the tooth is completely split, it can only be removed.Guan Donghua reminds us that we should avoid eating too hard food frequently, so as not to cause invisible cumulative damage to the teeth.


Party Games should be avoided.

For children, the incidence of tooth injuries is greatly increased when they are at home, parties, playing and knocking.Guan Donghua reminded parents to take care of their children. If they accidentally broke their deciduous teeth or gums bleeding, cracked teeth, broken, loosened or displaced after injury, don’t think that they should be changed sooner or later. They should immediately seek medical treatment, check jaw trauma and other trauma and further symptomatic treatment. Teeth are non renewable hard tissues. If they are broken, they can not be left, but the remaining loose roots must be dealt with so as not to breed bacteria affecting the oral environment.

If it is a larger child, the whole permanent teeth fall off when injured, and the possibility of successful replantation is very short. The earlier the better, it is better to treat within 30 minutes, and to deal with it within two hours.Therefore, once the whole tooth is off, it is necessary to find the tooth as soon as possible and immediately put it back into the alveolar fossa. If it is dirty, you can use your hands to pinch the crown of the crown and rinse the surface dirt with normal saline or sterile water. Do not brush or scrape the root of the tooth, then gently put it back into the alveolar fossa.

The elderly:

Don’t lose your denture when you go out to dinner.

Old people have bad teeth. Many people will pretend to have false teeth.For them, the first soft sticky soft cake is not very friendly. It is easy to be stuck in the mouth and move to the gums. It may even be dangerous to swallow the entire denture after falling off.

Guan Donghua said that another kind of situation often happens during the new year’s Day: After friends and family go out to dinner, the elderly come to the dentist: “I have lost my dentures.”

It turned out that a lot of old people with active dentures used to clean their dentures after dinner. They were good at home. Once they went out, they cleaned up their false teeth and then wrapped them in a tissue. They forgot to take them away, and were directly treated as garbage. “

If elderly people at home are using active dentures and dining out together during holidays, children must be refreshments for the elderly.

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