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Qianlong health preservation: "Tuo Gu Dao"


What is "Valley Road"?The "Valley Road" is the anus. The ancients call the anus "the draining way of five grain residues", and "pinch" is the method of anal contraction."Duo Valley Road" is a very unique one.Health preservationArt.


The "Duo Valley Road" is simple and easy to operate. It can be carried out anytime and anywhere. It is not restricted by time, place, environment, or squatting, standing, sitting or lying.The specific methods are: slightly inhale when inhaling, lift the anus together with perineum, and relax when exhaling, 10 to 20 times per time, 3 to 5 times a day.


"Duo Valley Road" can prevent pelvic vein congestion, enhance blood circulation, and can also make the entire pelvic muscles get.motionExercise is suitable for people of all ages, especially middle-aged and old people.For the middle-aged and elderly people often suffering from hemorrhoids, anal fissure, anal prolapse, constipation and other diseases, "Duo Valley Road" also has an obvious preventive effect.In addition, for coronary heart disease,HypertensionChronic diseases such as disease, varicose veins of lower limbs, etc.diseaseIt also has some effect of adjuvant therapy.Feeling is "import" unimpeded, "debut" through, speak in a long voice, walk the wind.


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