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Strengthen the kidney and strengthen the kidney after self attack


People are old, sometimes dizziness and tinnitus, in fact, after playing the bullet, the brain spoon has relieving effect, and it can also strengthen the kidney.

The posterior part of the human body is called the high bone and the highest part of the occipital bone.Massage this place at 5~7 o’clock every afternoon, can improve the hearing of the elderly, and have a certain effect of Tonifying the kidney.The method is: pressing the two ear external ear canal, the index finger, the middle finger and the ring finger gently tap the occipital bone behind the palms. Then the palm is pressed on the external auditory canal, and the fingers are pressed tightly behind the occipital bone of the brain, and then quickly lift away.Repeat 5~10 times and do 2~3 times a day.

Some other head symptoms of the elderly can also be relieved by point massage.

Headache, knead the brain family acupoint.Sitting, hands stretched over the neck, placed in the back of the brain, palm to head, supporting the back of the head, four fingers to the top of the head, the thumb’s finger belly is located in the location of the brain.The fingers of the thumb are superimposed on each other, and the fingers are rubbed with the fingers or the fingertips. There is the sensation of pain and swelling. They are kneaded by hands in turn, kneading the acupoints first, left and right, and kneading for 3~5 minutes at each time.

Dizziness neck pain, according to wind pool point.The acupoint is located below the occipital bone and is parallel to the inferior margin of the mastoid region.It is suitable for neck pain, insomnia, forgetfulness, hypertension, rheumatism and so on.Place your thumbs on both sides of the wind pool, first press half a minute, then knead for 2 minutes outwards.

Stroke rehabilitation, point wind Fu point.Sitting on the head, slightly tilted, so that the trapezius muscle relaxation, from the middle of the back to the occipital bone is the point.For elderly people with epilepsy, apoplexy and hemiplegia, click on the acupoint: knead with index finger or press the middle finger or thumb of your hand. Press 2 times a day for 3~5 minutes.A kind of

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