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Wang Jinshan, deputy chief physician of Anhui Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine It is believed that it can relieve the pain of the internal channels of the body, such as the meridian, the meridian, the meridian and the meridian. The specific operation method is: divide the forearm into four sections, apply scraping oil to 1 […]
(Xie Yu, deputy chief physician of the Department of acupuncture and moxibustion, Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital) believes that “evil spirits can not be dried up” in Chinese medicine.If the body is short of Yang and the resistance of human body decreases, it is easy to cause cold symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny […]
Spring returns to earth, everything revival, people also rise in Yang Qi. This time, liver fire is particularly vigorous, and all kinds of liver diseases are easy to relapse.Therefore, at this time, many people love to lose their temper, impatience, dry eyes and redness, which is the manifestation of the rising of the liver fire.Resolving […]
If the intestinal tract is like a street, constipation is like a traffic jam. It will not only clog the intestine, but also affect the health of the whole body.Constipation patients in addition to the use of drug treatment, but also with acupuncture, also has a good therapeutic effect. According to the theory of traditional […]
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