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Wang Xiyou, deputy chief physician of Tuina pain department, Dongzhimen hospital, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Abdominal massage is a regular, specific massage on the abdomen.The abdomen is the place where Qi and blood are biochemical. Rubbing the abdomen not only helps the spleen to help transport, but also directly prevents and controls all diseases […]
First of all, where is it?It is the famous 37, Tianqi.Nowadays, more and more people are buying 37 of the drug market.In the past, most people only knew that 37 was suitable for internal injuries caused by falls. In fact, 37 can also enrich blood. Now many white-collar workers and senior citizens have joined the […]
The paste began in the Han and Tang Dynasties and flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.Huangdi Neijing has records of ancient officials and aristocrats using cream to preserve their health.Ointment is a traditional Chinese medicine preparation made by repeated decocting and condensing of various drugs, which can replenish essence Qi, nourish essence and blood, […]
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