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August 7 is the beginning of autumn solar term, marking the beginning of autumn, at this time the climate has gradually become dry.According to traditional Chinese medicine, autumn belongs to gold, which corresponds to the lungs of the human organs. The lungs like to be moistened, while the dry climate can easily damage the Yin […]
Constipation is related to factors such as improper diet, emotional disorder, weak body, or post partum, postpartum, old age, physical deficiency and exogenous pathogenic factors.Many people think constipation is a minor problem, but in clinical practice, patients often suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases because of chronic constipation. They have many years of aging, chronic […]
“Lao Guang” likes eating and eating, most loves to ask, “what can we eat to prevent diseases or cure diseases?”There really is! Professor Yang Zhimin, vice president of Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital and vice president of Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital, pointed out that four groups of people, such as sub healthy […]

Poor spleen and stomach

On May 27, 2019

If the human body is compared to a team, the spleen and stomach are equivalent to the “strong labor force” in the organization. Every day, we must digest food continuously and diligently a

In winter, warm and dry can not avoid dry mouth, constipation, etc. on the second day.People with constipation can often cook “horseshoe bamboo and mutton”. This soup takes 250 grams of mutton, two pork ribs, 150 horseshoe 6~8, 100 grams of bamboo and corn, a little ginger and a little salt.Cut the chestnut out of […]
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