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  Cough, also known as whooping cough, cough.With intermittent episodes of spasmodic cough, crow like echo is the main feature.The course is long and lingering and hard to heal.The name of this disease is Ming, Shen Shi Yu, "Zhi Tang Tong cough": "cough, a disease, ancient name is not," from the "golden mirror" Jie FA […]
Entrusted by the Anhui provincial Chinese medicine administration, the Anhui provincial Chinese Medicine Association has formulated the Anhui provincial influenza prevention and guidance program (2019 Edition) recently, providing influenza prevention guidance from four aspects: behavioral prevention, environmental prevention, diet prevention and drug prevention. In terms of behavior, the plan suggests avoiding contact with suspected patients […]

People who often eat Chinese medicine will find that when a stuffy nose is blocked, the doctor will prescribe some Chinese herbs that are good for lung qi. Why? Chinese medicine believes that the lung

In autumn, the Yin and Yang metabolism of human body begins to grow. The spirit, emotion, diet and daily life should conform to the climatic characteristics of autumn and mainly rely on feeding. Dressing: always a thin coat.In the early autumn season, the temperature was slightly cooler, and it was still more hot at noon.At […]
Not long ago, the popular TV series “Yan Xi Raiders” was really a fire. People not only raised the discussion about the dress of the Qing Dynasty aristocratic women, but also became interested in the traditional Chinese medicine therapy in the plot.What is more, they want to follow the example of self medication. The plot […]
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