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What kind of traditional Chinese medicine is Atractylodes lancea? Atractylodes lancea (Atractylodes lancea) is an important dampness resolving drug. Its taste is pungent, bitter and warm. Its main effect is to dry dampness and strengthen spleen. What are the benefits of using Atractylodes lancea in summer? It's hot in summer. Many people like to eat […]
When decocting medicine, some people think that the thicker the decoction is, the better the result will be.In fact, this is a misunderstanding in cognition. The high concentration of Chinese medicine decoction is not likely to achieve good results. In Chinese traditional medicine, decoction has records of “soup, swinging, and going to serious diseases”.This means […]
The umbilicus is a scar tissue formed after the umbilical cord is cut off after the birth of a fetus.During the fetal period, the umbilical cord is linked to the umbilical cord and placenta, providing nutrients for the fetus.Umbilicus therapy refers to the treatment of moxibustion, acupoint application and cupping under the guidance of Chinese […]
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