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Tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival.In ancient China, the Dragon Boat Festival is a disease prevention and health care Festival.In order to protect people from harm, a few weeds are hanging around the gate.It is the so-called "holding AI flag in hand to recruit hundred blessings, gate hanging Pu sword to cut off thousands of […]
The human body is like a sensitive machine. Once the meridians are blocked, a lot of uncomfortable signals will be issued to "rescue".Timely identification of these early warning can quickly detect diseases, early detection, early treatment, and less physical suffering. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, our body is a crisscross network. […]
Chronic diarrhea, slow onset, long course of disease, and more evolved from acute diarrhea.The main points include abdominal pain, diarrhea, bowel sounds and anal prolapse.The umbilical cord is the way that the fetus absorbs nutrients from the mother's body. It connects the human's true Qi with the true Yang, and has the function of Chong, […]
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