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Tag: spleen and stomach

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"The old man always says that children drooling because of long teeth, my children's teeth are not yet neat, but saliva is like a malt candy."Xiao Ming is already two years old. Her mother always wears several towels in her bag every day, so she is very upset.It is normal for drooling during infancy, and […]
Sugar is actually a traditional Chinese medicine. As early as Han Zhang Zhongjing’s Xiao Jian Zhong Tang in “Treatise on Febrile Diseases and miscellaneous diseases”, it has “maltose” this traditional Chinese medicine.According to the test, maltose is a kind of food made from starch grain (glutinous rice, wheat, corn, etc.), which is fermented by saccharification. […]

Autumn is the season of picking water chestnuts.Water chestnut is one of the famous specialties in China. Since ancient times, it has been widely spread in China.Tender skin and crispy meat, fragrant

Frost descends, the eighteenth solar terms of the twenty-four solar terms.After the solar terms, the weather became colder and frost began.At this time, there has been frost in the the Yellow River River Basin, and a silver ice crystal sparkles, leaves withered and cold air frosting.Wang Qingxian, deputy director of Oncology Department of Tangshan City […]
It is the season for ginkgo to go public again.This article introduces a medicated diet “ginkgo lotus seed pot pig stomach”, which has a good relieving effect on symptoms of frequent urination and night urination. 100 grams of Ginkgo biloba, 100 grams of lotus seed, 50 grams of letinous edodes, 3 pieces of red dates, […]
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