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Wang Xiyou, deputy chief physician of Tuina pain department, Dongzhimen hospital, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Abdominal massage is a regular, specific massage on the abdomen.The abdomen is the place where Qi and blood are biochemical. Rubbing the abdomen not only helps the spleen to help transport, but also directly prevents and controls all diseases […]
In the world of traditional Chinese medicine, they are flowers that are not flowers. When they fade away, they will turn into a herbaceous herb that saves lives.Little is known about the strength of these flowers, hidden under the high face value, to save the sick, but Zheng Zhimin, a pharmacist of Guangzhou No.1 People's […]
It is the season for ginkgo to go public again.This article introduces a medicated diet “ginkgo lotus seed pot pig stomach”, which has a good relieving effect on symptoms of frequent urination and night urination. 100 grams of Ginkgo biloba, 100 grams of lotus seed, 50 grams of letinous edodes, 3 pieces of red dates, […]

Recommendation: Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital Clinical Nutrition Department Main functions: nourishing the stomach, strengthening the spleen, reinforcing the kidney and stren

Chinese medicine believes that the tongue is closely related to the viscera. The tongue tip is the heart, the tongue is the spleen, the tongue root is the kidney and the tongue is the liver and the tongue is the stomach.Regular tongue movement can prevent senility and stimulate salivary gland secretion. Saliva increase not only […]
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