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What kind of traditional Chinese medicine is Atractylodes lancea? Atractylodes lancea (Atractylodes lancea) is an important dampness resolving drug. Its taste is pungent, bitter and warm. Its main effect is to dry dampness and strengthen spleen. What are the benefits of using Atractylodes lancea in summer? It's hot in summer. Many people like to eat […]
August 7 is the beginning of autumn solar term, marking the beginning of autumn, at this time the climate has gradually become dry.According to traditional Chinese medicine, autumn belongs to gold, which corresponds to the lungs of the human organs. The lungs like to be moistened, while the dry climate can easily damage the Yin […]
It is easy for children to catch cold, often cough and fever.Children's cold cough is mostly due to wind heat pathogen or wind cold heat, leading to lung heat, Lung Qi loss, and cough is a symptom, that is, often said lung heat.Children with special constitution, low immunity, and poor ability to resist external changes […]
Hubei reader Zhao lady: Recently, I always feel uncomfortable with my eyes, see things blurred, eye pain, night symptoms increase, use eye drops, the effect is not good.I would like to invite experts to recommend an effective prescription. Chief physician of the Department of traditional Chinese medicine, Wuhan Central Hospital, Quan Yi Hong answers: according […]

Nowadays, many young people come home directly to the sofa or directly to “Ge You lie”. They can not only get interested in anything, but also feel short of breath and speak hard.Such peop

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