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Talking about low temperature regimen


HypothermiaHealth preservationIt is to let the human body stay in a relatively low temperature state, so as to achieve the goal of reducing cell metabolism.In Huang Di's Internal Classic, it is pointed out that "the higher is the person who lives longer than the others, and the latter is less angry". That is to say that the temperature at the height is low, so the life there is long, while the low temperature is high, so the life expectancy of the people living there is short.Similarly, the north is cold, the air temperature is low, and the winter is very low, so the life span of the people is longer. In the south, the temperature is high in the whole year, especially in summer, and the life expectancy is also short.Why is that?Because cold can make people's body temperature lower, lower body temperature, slow cell division, slow metabolism, energy saving, so the aging is late, life expectancy is long.On the contrary, high temperature can increase body temperature, fast cell division and fast metabolism, so aging is also faster and life expectancy is shorter.Those who live in caves have long life expectancy. One of the reasons is that the temperature in the cave is low.Similarly, the life span of the snake is very long, and the life expectancy of the chicken is short, because the body temperature of the chicken is high and the temperature of the snake is low.According to research, when human body temperature drops by 3 degrees, the metabolic rate of human beings can be reduced by half, and the oxygen consumption of the body is only 50% of normal.In a certain sense, the low temperature in winter can make people's body temperature drop. When the body temperature is low, the cell division is slow and the metabolism is slow.


Who is more suitable for low temperature?Health preservation


1. people with Yin deficiency: PressChinese MedicineTheory, yin deficiency people most need low temperature regimen.Because people with Yin deficiency are afraid of heat, they often show signs of fever in palm, foot and heart. Low temperature regimen can reduce body temperature and maintain Yin channels, so hypothermia helps to nourish yin.


2. brain workers: the brain is most afraid of heat.The low temperature condition is most conducive to the work of the brain in winter.


ThreeFemale sex:Female sexLife is inseparable from the maintenance of Yin.Chinese MedicineThe term "Yin" includesFemale sexAll liquid substances in the body, such as saliva, blood, digestive juice, tears, vaginal secretions.The adequacy of these "Yin" determines whether individuals areHealthyEspecially for women aged 20~40, if the "Yin" is not properly maintained, they will get sick all their lives.


How to keep healthy at low temperature


1. wear less than one coat: wearing less than one coat can lower your body temperature. In addition, the temperature in the living room should not exceed 24 degrees.Cold water bathing and winter swimming are also conducive to low temperature regimen. Cold water bath can make the human body experience heat from cold to hot in a relatively short period of time.motionLike gymnastics, there is a reputation for "vascular gymnastics".


2. eat less food: some foreign scholars have confirmed that eating less can reduce the temperature of animals and reduce their mortality by more than 1/3.HealthyLongevity.There is a limit to the digestion and treatment of food by cells. That is to say, cells have certain useful life. When time comes, death will come naturally.One meal per meal is beneficial to prolonging cell lifespan.


3. calm and relaxed: if a person is low-key and mentally relaxed, it will help to reduce the metabolic rate of cells and reduce body temperature, thereby prolonging the life span of human beings.And intense emotions increase the metabolic rate of cells, raise body temperature and shorten the life span of human beings.Of course, in a calm state, mental and emotional organs and human organs can be in good condition.Healthy。


4., eat Yin nourishing food: Nourishing Yin, including aquatic plants such as rice and lotus root; overwintering plants such as Chinese cabbage and radish; shady plants, such as mushrooms and mushrooms; winter mature foods, such as winter pear and winter jujube; winter should drink well water and groundwater to nourish yin; eat low temperature animals such as ducks and fish.


Of course, low temperature regimen is a kind of health preserving principle. It should be gradual and orderly, while for those with Yang deficiency and intolerance, it is no better than too reluctance.(Zhu Jiancai)


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