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The bad habits of taking Chinese patent medicine at will should be changed.


According to the Beijing Youth Daily, according to the results of ADR evaluation, the State Drug Administration decided to amend the “adverse reaction”, “taboo” and “precautions” in the specification of Wantong skeletal tablets.It is requested to add “not suitable for long-term medication” in the instructions, “there is no research evidence on the safety and effectiveness of children’s use of this product”, “disabled infants” and so on.

Shortly before Lenovo arrived, the State Administration of drugs and Drug Administration revised Xuesaitong and Xueshuantong instructions. In particular, the instructions must be clear about “disabled children”, so it is easy to find that drug supervision departments are tightening up the regulation of Chinese medicines.

Traditional Chinese medicine is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine.Over the past few years, Chinese medicine has maintained its vitality in traditional medicine because of its flexible and flexible selection in medicine.Moreover, in the view of many people, Chinese medicine is based on nature and has the same origin of food and medicine. It is believed that Chinese medicine has no side effects. It can be as bold as taking health care products.Against this background, a large number of ancient Chinese recipes, or personal experience, or some proprietary Chinese recipes have become the choice of many people.

Wantong muscle bone tablet is such a prescription from clinical practice.It has the functions of dispelling wind, dispersing cold, dredging collaterals and relieving pain. It can be used clinically for patients with arthralgia, periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis, lumbago and leg pain, muscle joint pain, and flexion and extension.From the above description, it is easy to find that Wantong Jingu tablets can almost treat all joints and muscles of the whole body with pain.In fact, this is also the common feature of many proprietary Chinese medicines, because TCM and Western medicine are difficult to make one-to-one correspondence. Therefore, it is difficult to refine the indications management of Chinese medicine and use it more casually.

However, there is a problem here, that is, the adverse reactions of these proprietary Chinese medicines are easily overlooked.Take Wantong Jingu tablets as an example. This medicine contains Aconitum and asarum. Although it is also derived from natural plants, it is not the natural harmless material that can be used as food.Among them, Aconitum not only has side effects, but also one of the most easily compatible herbs with other medicines. In the warning of the eighteen anti nineteen fears of Chinese medicine, there are “half white beet” and “Radix Aconiti kusaki”.But for a long time, all kinds of toxic ingredients hidden in Chinese traditional medicine such as Wantong bones and bones have been neglected. It is not only for adults but also for children.

Now, according to the monitoring report of adverse reactions, the State Administration of drug administration has revised the instructions, clearly pointed out its adverse reactions, and banned the use of infants. It should be said to be very pragmatic.This is equivalent to the addition of a reminder and safety net to the use of the drug, warning people not to be too hasty.This has a positive effect on cultivating people’s good medication concept.

In addition, the instructions have a legal effect in standardizing the use of drugs, and also have a strong constraint on the prescriptions of doctors. If the Chinese patent medicines are random as before, it may be necessary to take legal responsibility for the inappropriate crowd to choose proprietary Chinese medicines containing toxic ingredients.(author: Zheng Shanhai, department doctor)

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