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The human body hides five doors: kneading Qie gate to protect the heart, pushing the door to sleep.


Life and work pressure is high, many people often have emotional depression, insomnia, dreams, indigestion, waist and knees.From the angle of human meridian, TCM has five “doors” hidden in our body. Keeping them can solve many health problems.

The gate of the heart: X (gate).The qiumen point is the acupoint of the hand perineal pericardium meridian, which corresponds to the heart door of the human body. It is 5 inches across the wrist, and between the tendon of the palm and the flexor tendon of the R (o), it is roughly equal to the middle point of the wrist cross stripe and the midrib of the elbow, and the middle of the two tendons.Qie is the meaning of the gap. The door is the gateway. In the place where the body and blood are hidden, Qie men’s cave is the only place connected with the outside world.By stimulating the Qie men point, the essence of Qi can be mobilized to achieve the goal of health care.Clinical selection of this acupoint, mainly for chest pain, pleurisy, neurasthenia, palpitation, tachycardia, angina pectoris and other diseases.Qie men not only has the function of nourishing heart and protecting heart, but also has the function of warning. If there is strong discomfort here, it may indicate that there is a problem in cardiovascular function.Daily can knead Qie door 5 minutes per day, 2 times a day.

The door of the wind: the wind gate.The wind gate is located on the back, the middle point between the second thoracic vertebrae and the third thoracic vertebrae, which is 2 centimeters or so. It belongs to the meridian point of the bladder meridian of the foot Taiyang, and is the gateway for the wind and evil to enter and enter. It is one of the most commonly used acupoints in clinical driving.Wind evil into the body, the most likely cause respiratory diseases, so autumn and winter season can be more pressed kneading wind door point.When you massage the acupoint, take a deep breath. When the gas stops, press the index point with your index finger, and exhale slowly. Because the muscles of the wind gate point are thicker and thicker, the intensity should be larger when kneading.

The gate of liver: the gate of the period.The gate is located in the chest. It is located at the 6 ribbed space below the nipple. It is 4 inches away from the front middle line. It is the last point of the liver meridian. Qi and blood go to this point, and it just runs through a cycle.Clinical selection of this point can be used to treat chest pain, vomiting, abdominal distention, hunger and desire to eat.Daily health care can be done on the door points, gently rubbing the rubbing with two palms for 3~5 minutes each time, so as to achieve the effect of relieving anxiety and relieving depression.

The gate of kidney: the gate of life.The gate of life is located at the waist, and the second lumbar spinous process is depressed in the posterior median line.It is the “Kidney Qi pill” brought by the body. The negative fluid is transported out of the acupoint. It has the function of maintaining the blood circulation of the governor vessel.According to kneading the vital gate, there are strong kidney and firm foundation, warm kidney and strong Yang, delaying senility and dredging Du meridian.Daily health care can be left and right hands, along the sides of the bladder, down the bladder, along the 20 centimeters of the gate of life to the point of life, and then push the rubbing of the hole with the palm of your hand, so that you feel mild and warm. It is advisable to massage 1 times every night before going to bed.

The gate of sleep: God gate.Shen men’s point is one of the points of the heart meridian of hand Shao Yin. It is located at the wrist, the distal side of the wrist, and the radial depression of the flexor carpi ulnaris.Kneading the acupoint has the function of relieving the nerves and nerves of Jingan, and it is mainly used to treat the symptoms of upset, palpitation, forgetfulness and carsickness.It is also a “sleeping pill” brought by the human body to treat insomnia caused by stress.Daily health care can be done by kneading, kneading, pressing and so on to massage the door of Shen men. It is advisable to have mild and slight swelling. The intensity is light to heavy, and 3 minutes each time. This method is most suitable for operation before nightfall.A kind of

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