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The key to health care is flirting.


Diligent in mind and mind

The Yellow Emperor's Internal Canon is very clear. "Evil evil, evil wind and sometimes evasiousness" means that man should form a harmony with nature. The second sentence is "tranquility and emptiness."Many people say can they be indifferent?In fact, tranquility and emptiness do not mean that people do not want to do things.The brain is the leader of "use", and limbs are the tools of "use".Traditional Chinese medicine divides human life into two parts. The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic says "the head is the sink of all Yang, the limbs are the end of all Yang" and "Yang Qi is the sky and the sun".Yang Qi has to move.But the five zang organs are hidden and not released, and the heart can not move.

Many people will say that Chinese medicine is not scientific at all.What is the word "thinking" in our Chinese characters?It is not the word "Tian", but the "fontanelle" of the fontanelle.Above is the "fontanelle", the following is the "heart", all of your emotional changes must be the organic combination of the brain and the heart.When you are particularly uncomfortable, you first feel that your heart is congested.If the heart is congested, it will be tempted.

Laozi said that "inaction is all for nothing" and "Inaction" is all for nothing.Many people think Lao Tzu's "Inaction" is not doing things. In fact, it is too simple to think of Lao Tzu.Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching is about rules. It's the Tao. Where does the law of heaven and earth come from? What's going on inside Liuhe?"Inaction" is actually: without any reason, it is all for nothing.To act according to the law is not to be presumptuous but to do things according to the rules.

Laozi said, "man is the law, the land is the law, the heaven is the law, the Tao is natural."Man is a man who grows on the ground, and he can not leave the place of life, long, strong, old and regular.All creatures on the ground have this rule.What is nature?It's the power of nature.Do anything, I am a doctor, you are a journalist, he is in business…All things have their own laws.When you work hard, your brain does not want to make a fortune. It is thinking at what point you are going to do something.Is it spring or autumn?If it is spring, do not hope that tomorrow will result, until autumn.Doing so seems to be ineffective, but in reality it is promising.You have to jump into the autumn from spring, that is, it seems that there is no action, nothing can be done.Therefore, no matter how much pressure you are engaged in, what kind of work you are engaged in, and if you want to maintain this sentiment, you must truly grasp the law of what you are doing.

Quiet and empty?Genuine Qi from

People are born crying, laughing away from the world.All the wrinkles were unfolded when people died.When you are born, you clench your fist, and when you leave, you will lose your life. So life is a life from crying to laughing.People should not be afraid of hardships, and not be afraid of fatigue.Clenched your fist?It is to work, and the money you earn is just like the greasy in your hands, washed every day, every day.People want to maintain a calm state of mind, "close to the wisdom of the people in the round and go to the side", consider as comprehensive as possible, deal with as decisive as possible.Man proposes, God disposes.If you lie in bed every day and dare to share the brightness with the sun and the moon, you will soon be calm.But if you keep thinking about what you are going to do tomorrow, then you will be tempted.

The pace of modern social work is getting faster and faster, making many people tired and subhealthy.This shows that you are tired of your work. This is a very dangerous signal, so we must learn to flirt with ambition.If we want to really adjust our emotions, we must be "quiet and empty" and "genuine Qi".Let the brain often be in a state of relaxation, and wisdom comes.If you can make your mind in a stable state, you can achieve "Yin Ping Yang secret, spirit and even".

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