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The secret of Hua Tuo's regimen


   Chinese MedicineHua Tuo, a famous writer, was a writer in the early days of the Three Kingdoms in the late Eastern Han Dynasty.Famous doctorThe scientist was killed by Cao Cao in 208.At that time, the flames of war were plagues, and people's lives were in dire straits. Hua Tuo saw the situation and refused to resign.He studied hard, learned a lot, and had many kinds of medical skills, including internal, external, gynecology and pediatrics. He was especially good at anaesthesia and made great contributions in medical treatment.Shi Chuan, who is over 100 years old, is still very strong.Healthy。


It is said that when he killed Cao Cao, he still had a bright ear and black hair.His disciples, Wu Pu and Fan A, lived to the age of 100.Then Hua Tuo'sHealth preservationWhat is the secret?


Hua Tuo attaches great importance to sports.motionAnd labor training.He said, "the human body wants to work, but it does not make it strong.To shake is to cut the gorge.Blood circulation, disease can not be born.For example, a household is also an eternal one.That means people need to take part in sports regularly.motion(or labor), but avoid overwork.Regular activities can speed up the digestion of food and make the circulation of blood flow unimpeded.This is like a pivot shaft, which often rotates without being rigid and malfunctioning.


There is such a story about "five birds show": it is said that when Hua Tuo went to Yishan mountain when he was young, he found a cave when he climbed up to the mountainside. He was curious and wanted to go in. Suddenly he heard someone talking about the medicine. He stood outside the cave and listened.He listened to God, listened and heard the two men talking about Hua Tuo, which frightened him. When he was about to turn around and run, he suddenly heard a man yelled, "why don't you come in when Wahson is here?"Hua Tuo was forced to walk in. He was the two fairy with white hair and long beard.They taught Hua Tuo many wonderful techniques and gave him a set of exercises: imitation of tiger, deer, bear, ape and crane.motionThis is the famous "five animal show".After Hua Tuo went down the mountain, he carried out his teaching. He not only saved many patients, but also promoted himself.Healthy。


FromChinese MedicineFrom the angle of view, the five species of tiger, deer, bear, ape and crane belong to five rows of Jin Mu water and fire soil, and correspond to five reservoirs of heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney.People imitate their posture to exercise, which indirectly plays the role of exercising viscera.These five animals have different habits and habits, and they also have different characteristics in their activities, or they are heroic, heroic, agile, sensitive, or calm, thick or heavy, or change without reason, or fly independently.Mimicking their various gestures can make all joints and muscles of the body workout. As Warren said, "the human body wants to work, but it does not make the ears extremely strong.If we shake it, we will get rid of it. We must not lose blood circulation.It is guided by the ancient immortals. The bear takes care of the body and moves the joints so as not to grow old.Here, it clearly points out the function principle of the five animal show: through the movement of the limbs to circulate Qi and blood, remove disease and live forever.


Modern medical research proves that five animal show is an effective way of training.It can exercise and improve the function of the nervous system, improve the inhibitory and regulating functions of the brain, and is conducive to the repair and regeneration of nerve cells.It can improve lung function andheartFunction to improve myocardial oxygen supply and increaseheartBlood drained to promote normal development of tissues and organs.At the same time, it can enhance gastrointestinal activity and secretion function, promote digestion and absorption, and provide nourishment for body activities.In the time of Hua Tuo, though he did not understand these principles, he could sum up such a scientific method of fitness through long experience.


For the five animal show itself, it is not a simple gymnastics, but a set of advanced ones.HealthcareQigong.Hua Tuo organically combines body movement with breathing, and promotes Qi and blood in the body to restore normal state through Qigong guidance.Healthy。There are several sources of fitness techniques such as Taiji, Xingyi and Bagua.Undoubtedly, it is in medical treatment.HealthcareThe historical role of this aspect is enormous.


Because Hua Tuo insisted on practicing "five birds show", his face was like bronze and black hair.ToothSolid, steady walking and healthy body.When he was 100 years old, he still looked as if he were a boy with a spirit of hale and hearty, dexterous movements and vigorous steps.His pupil, Wu Pu and Fan A, exercised according to law, and lived to the age of more than 90.Therefore, Hua Tuo's longevity is entirely due to the exercise of "five animal show".


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