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Thinking of bone tuberculosis by the five sons of “Yi Yi Chuan”


In the ancient costume drama, such as Yi Chuan, the story of Yong Qi, the five emperor of the emperor, died early due to illness. Many of the audience regretted that the Emperor Qianlong’s fifth sons, both literary and martial, were deeply loved by Qianlong.But at the age of 25, he died of illness. Many netizens wondered what did Yong Ji die?

The five emperor died due to miscarriage of justice.

According to historical records, Yong Qi has been plagued by “bone abscess” and has been gradually aggravated, so that Qianlong has much compassion for him: “because of the drama of disease, it has been sealed up as a prince” to comfort his heart.

Wang Rui, deputy chief physician of Department of orthopedics, integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital of Nanjing, said that bony abscess belongs to the surgical disease name of Chinese medicine and is a kind of sore on bone.According to the famous doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, “Zong Jinjian”, this disease is not an incurable disease, and it can be cured after treatment.

So why did Prince Huang Yong die of this disease?According to the records of Tai hospital, Yong Qi has taken ginseng heavily.After taking the medicine, the condition did not improve and became more and more serious.Professor Chen Keji, a famous Chinese and Western medicine expert, commented in his study of “Qing Gong medical case” that “five elder brother is half a day in the year of weak crown.”It can be seen that there is something wrong with the treatment method of Yong Qi when he is seriously ill. It seems that even if osteomyelitis is a treatable disease, if the syndrome is inaccurate and the medication is unreasonable, it will still delay treatment and even endanger the life of the patient.

What is osteomyelitis?

Wang Rui said, on the Internet, the permanent bony abscess of Yong Qi is bone tuberculosis, which is not entirely accurate.Because osteomyelitis is the name of Chinese medicine, similar to western medicine in acute, chronic pyogenic osteomyelitis and bone tuberculosis.Nowadays, the proportion of young people is increasing among all bone tuberculosis patients all over the country, and the number of treated cases has increased ten times in recent five years.In the case of thoracic tuberculosis of bone tuberculosis, the early symptom is lumbago or back pain, or there are unexplained masses near the lesion site, low fever, night sweats, sometimes accompanied by weakness and paralysis of the lower extremities.Many patients mistakenly think that they are neuralgia, lumbar muscle strain, intervertebral disc protrusion and so on.

Young bone tuberculosis patients mostly like nightlife, for example, after midnight, they also like to play online games, work overtime or engage in other recreational activities.Wang Rui said that this way of life is very harmful to the body, easily reduce the body’s resistance and immunity, because Mycobacterium tuberculosis is likely to hide in some place you pass through, droplet and dust can be transmitted, once infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, it is easy to “recruit”.If treated in a timely manner, the prognosis is generally good, but if it is misdiagnosed and dragged to severe symptoms, it will also endanger life.

The key to prevention is to improve resistance.

With the increasing number of floating population and the decline of resistance in many young adults, new features of bone tuberculosis are emerging. Most of the former patients are remote mountain areas and malnourished people. Now many young adults in the first and second tier cities are also suffering from this disease.So how can we prevent this disease?

Wang Rui said, prevention needs to pay attention to the following 5 points: 1. inoculation of Bacillus Calmette Guerin, mainly the newborn, children and adolescents, the incidence rate can be significantly reduced; 2. try to avoid staying up late for a long time, insist on physical exercise, do more outdoor activities, contact more sunlight, fresh air, improve the body’s ability to resist disease; 3. increase nutrition, avoid food and food; 4., maintain a spirit of happiness, ease of mind; 5. prevent upper respiratory tract infection, pay attention to oral hygiene, if we find rhinitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, dental caries should be treated as early as possible, to prevent secondary infection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.(Yang Pu)

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