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Thirteen methods of Sun Simiao's regimen


When Sun Simiao was young, he studied medicine for his illness. He had passed the hundred schools of history, and when he was in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, he refused to be an officer. Tang Taizong even went to the mountains personally to call on him.However, more famous is that he summed up the clinical experience and medical theory before the Tang Dynasty, and compiled two pieces of medical works: Qianjin Yao Fang and Qianjin Yi Fang.


No, you may not know that Sun Simiao was the inventor of gunpowder in China, the four great invention of China.In the book "Fu Jing Huang Fu", it is described that he mixed with nitre, sulphur and charcoal to make gunpowder.


Sun SimiaoHealth preservationThe 13 law is also called the clever ear.


1, hair comb


Rub the palm together 36, heat the palm, then sweep the forehead and sweep the neck back.Do it 10 times in the morning and evening.


There are many important things on the head.acupoint。Often do this movement, it can clear the eyes and dispel wind, prevent headache, tinnitus, white hair and alopecia.


2. Eye movement


(a) close your eyes, then open your eyes hard, circle your eyes, look to the left, top, right and bottom sides, then close your eyes, then open your eyes hard, circle your eyes, and look to the right, upper, left and lower sides.Repeat 3 times.


(b) rub your hands 36 times and apply the hot palm to your eyes.


This action can strengthen the eyes, correct myopia and laziness.


3. Teeth often knock.


The mouth is slightly closed, up and down.ToothKnocking on each other does not require too much effort.ToothKnock when you knock.Take 36 steps slowly and effortlessly.


This action can pass through the lower jaw and meridians to help maintain a clear mind, strengthen gastrointestinal absorption, prevent tooth decay and bone degeneration.


4, Shu Yujin.Yu Jin is the body fluid and saliva.


(a) the mouth is slightly closed and the tongue is extended.ToothOutside, start from the top, turn slowly to the left, turn to 12 circles, and swallow the saliva.Then start from the top and do it again in the opposite direction.


(b) the mouth is slightly closed, this tongue is not outside the tooth, but in the oral cavity, it revolves around the upper jaw.Turn left 12 times and swallow your mouth, then do it in the opposite direction.When swallowing saliva, try to imagine that the saliva will be taken to the lower reaches of the Dan Tian.


From the perspective of modern science, saliva contains a large amount of enzymes, which can regulate hormone secretion. Therefore, regular exercise can strengthen the stomach and intestines and prolong life.


5, ears often drum


(a) the palm of the hand is covered by both ears, forcing it into the internal pressure, and then letting go, there should be a sound of divination.Repeat 10 times.


(b) double palms cover the ears, fold the ears, press the forefinger between the two fingers, and force the bullet after the forefinger to hit the 10 points.


This action is done every day before and after sleep, which can enhance memory and hearing.


6. Wash frequently.


(a) rub your hands 36 times and warm up your hands.


(b) warm hands and hands to outer ring.


This action is often done to make the face rosy and glossy without wrinkles.


7. Always shake your head.


With your hands on your hips, close your eyes, hang your head and twist slowly to the right until you get back to your original position for a total of 6 times.The opposite is repeated.


This action often makes the brain flexible and prevents cervical hyperplasia.However, take care to do it slowly or you will faint.


8, waist often pendulum


The body and hands swing rhythmically.When the body twisting to the left, the right hand is in front, the left hand is behind, lightly flapping the lower abdomen in the front right hand, lightly flapping the "gate of life" in the left hand.acupoint。Repeat in opposite directions.Do at least 50, do 100 or better.


This action can strengthen stomach and stomach, consolidate kidney qi, prevent indigestion, stomachache and lumbago.


9. Frequent rubbing of the abdomen


Rub hands 36 times, hands warm, hands crossed, clockwise knead around the navel.When your body is a clock.Kneading range from small to large, do 36.


This action can help digestion, absorption and elimination of abdominal bloat.


10, photography Valley Road, that is, anus.


Inspiring the anus, tightening the muscles of the anus.Hold the breath for a few seconds until you can't stand it, then exhale and relax.


This action can be practiced at any time.It is best to do 20 to 30 times a day in the morning and evening.According to legend, this action is perfect.The elderlyQianlong's most proudHealth preservationPower law.


11. Knees often twisted.


The feet are side by side, the knees are tightly attached, the people crouch slightly, and the hands are twisted to the left and right according to the knees, each doing 20.


This action can strengthen the knee joint, the so-called "old man's legs first old, soft kidney first knee."To prolong life, we should start with two feet.


12. Frequent walks


Straighten your chest and walk with ease.The best is no distraction. Enjoy the scenery along the way.


There is a saying among the people: "walk after dinner and live to ninety-nine".Although it is a bit of an exaggeration, walking is indeed beneficial.motion。


13. Feet often rub.


(a) wipe your left foot in your right hand and right foot on your left hand.From the heel up to the toes, then wipe the heel down for a while.A total of 36.


(b) two thumbs take turns to wipe the foot of Yongquan cave, altogether 100.


Often do this action, can cure insomnia, reduce blood pressure, eliminate headache.Sole reflects the reflex area of the whole body.Rubbing your feet often strengthens your organs and is good for your health.


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