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Three sources of traditional Chinese medicine to promote the development of traditional Chinese Medicine


Traditional Chinese medicine is a splendid part of Chinese culture, an important source of the prosperity of the Chinese nation, and has made outstanding contributions to the health cause of the people of the world.Tu Youyou, a Chinese scientist, once won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for discovering artemisinin. In the process of fighting against new crown pneumonia, Chinese medicine has effectively reduced the incidence of mild to severe and severe to critical.As a treasure of ancient science in China, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has attracted more and more attention in the world due to its unique advantages and huge therapeutic effect.At the same time, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the accelerating process of population aging, and the vigorous development of health service industry, the people's demand for traditional Chinese medicine service is more and more vigorous, and the quality requirements are also higher and higher. It is urgent to inherit, develop and make good use of Chinese medicine.

It is very important to develop traditional Chinese medicine and tamp the source of Chinese medicine production.As a special crop, the quality of traditional Chinese medicine not only directly affects the pharmacological effect and human health, but also involves the quality and safety of traditional Chinese medicine preparations.In order to develop Chinese medicine well, we need to do three tamping from the source.

First, it is necessary to consolidate the source foundation of Chinese medicinal materials and cultivate superior authentic medicinal materials.Authentic medicinal materials are synonymous with high-quality Chinese medicinal materials. They refer to the medicinal materials with excellent quality, outstanding curative effect and regional characteristics formed by certain medicinal biological varieties under the comprehensive effect of specific environment and climate.In recent years, due to the influence of many factors, some wild medicinal resources are on the verge of exhaustion, and some of their authentic characteristics are also declining.We should strengthen the protection and utilization of traditional Chinese medicine resources, carry out extensive investigation and research, establish a list of authentic Chinese herbal medicine resources, and strictly protect the germplasm resources.The government should actively lead and encourage scientific research institutions and social forces to participate in the establishment of germplasm resource bank and Germplasm Resource nursery.It is necessary to strengthen the technical research on the protection of the original species of traditional Chinese medicine, the purification and duplication of varieties, the breeding of improved varieties and the expansion of propagation.

The second is to consolidate the source of traditional Chinese medicine cultivation foundation, production of high-quality authentic Chinese medicine.At present, due to the pollution of producing areas, extensive production technology, and the widespread use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides in the planting process, the phenomenon of harmful substances such as heavy metals and molds in Chinese medicinal materials often exceeds the standard, which leads to the decline of their quality and efficacy.We should make great efforts to study the growth law of medicinal materials, adopt advanced cultivation techniques, and cultivate Chinese herbal medicines with refinement and precision.We should pay attention to the ecological environment of Chinese herbal medicine cultivation and develop green and safe production technology of Chinese herbal medicine.It is necessary to absorb the essence of traditional agriculture, combine with modern agricultural production technology, use system engineering method to reproduce high-quality cultivation environment of traditional Chinese medicine, and carry out bionic cultivation of authentic Chinese herbal medicine, so as to ensure the quality and curative effect of Chinese herbal medicine.

Third, we should consolidate the source foundation of quality standards of Chinese medicinal materials to ensure the safety of Chinese medicinal materials.The production of Chinese medicinal materials includes the production environment, germplasm resources, cultivation management, harvesting and processing, storage and packaging, logistics and transportation, and each link contains many small links. A complete quality standard system should be established throughout the whole production chain of traditional Chinese medicine to standardize the production process and control the quality and quality of traditional Chinese medicine.At the same time, it is necessary to form a reverse force mechanism, reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer, reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides, eliminate the pollution of production environment and agricultural film, and ensure the quality of Chinese medicinal materials.

Good medicine, good effect.Grasping the source of traditional Chinese medicine production is the basis for promoting the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese medicine.

(the author is an associate researcher of Beijing Academy of agriculture and Forestry)

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