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Tonic supplements vary from person to person.


Health care should not be adjusted too much.First of all, be positive and optimistic, and do more quiet things like playing the piano, chess, books and paintings.

Food and drink should be selected according to their physical condition.

People with weak constitution and poor digestive function should choose "slow up", eat more "Angelica mutton soup", "letinous edodes stew dog meat", and eat more vegetables.

People who have good physique should be "supplementation" instead of overeating greasy food, so as to prevent internal heat and induce diseases.We can use "chicken stew mushrooms" and "ginkgo stewed black chicken".

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Spring cover is good for health and disease prevention.

Six points of TCM health preservation and disease prevention

How do you fill up the flat tune?

Traditional Chinese medicine regimen first distinguishes clear constitution and supplements again

Mental workers, such as white-collar workers and professional managers, can choose herbal supplements at the same time as food supplements, such as the Six Ingredient Rehmannia Pill, which can nourishing kidney, strengthening brain and preventing fatigue.

Women with irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea can be used to regulate menstruation and relieve pain.

Physical exercise varies from person to person.Young people can play ball, run, and so on, before doing exercises, do well warming up activities to prevent accidental injuries.The elderly can choose Taijiquan, take a walk and so on.Traditional Chinese medicine holds that kidney nourishing and kidney protection are very important.

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