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Traditional Chinese medicine in Idioms


Heart disease is the most difficult to cure.The idiom "cup, bow and snake shadow" actually tells the story of "treating heart disease".

"Jin Shu · Yue Guang Zhuan" said that Yue Guang, a famous scholar in the Western Jin Dynasty, had a friend who had not been a guest for a long time.When Yue Guang asked, his friend said that he was worried about the last time he came to your house for a banquet, he was just about to pick up his glass, but he found a small snake in the cup, which made him unhappy.Although reluctantly drank the wine, can go home to toss and turn unpredictable, soon became ill.

A small wine cup can't hold a snake.Yue Guang thought that he had a horn bow hanging on his wall and painted a snake on the bow with paint. His friend was afraid that the reflection of the horn bow in the wine cup was a snake.So leguang called his friends to recreate the scene at that time.Sure enough, the snake's shadow in the cup was the same as before.After listening to Yue Guang's analysis, his friend's doubts were solved, and his heart suddenly recovered.

Traditional Chinese medicine master Gan Zuwang commented that the story of the bow and the snake shadow is the most typical psychotherapy.Yue Guang was only a scholar who was good at talking and analyzing reasons in Jin Dynasty, but his psychotherapy was better than many doctors.

The idiom "Xiyu Toufeng" is also a story of psychotherapy.During the period of the Three Kingdoms, Chen Linshan, one of the "seven sons of Jian'an", wrote a sharp and spicy style of writing.One day, Chen Lin made a petition to Cao Cao.At that time, Cao Cao was lying in bed with a headache.After reading the denunciation, Cao Cao actually sat up from the bed and said that Chen Lin's article cured his headache.Maybe it was Chen Lin's wonderful writing style that made Cao Cao feel deeply impressed.

Heart disease also needs heart medicine.Since ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has made unique research on psychotherapy and distinguished psychotherapy from the treatment of physiological diseases. Many causes and treatments of psychological diseases have been introduced in the classic book Huangdi Neijing.In the story of the shadow of the bow and the snake, Le Guangwei's method of treating anxiety is about the "method of restraining emotion and smoothing the principle" in traditional Chinese medicine. It uses words and actions to reproduce the scene and eliminate the doubts of his friends.

In ancient times, psychological diseases caused by the shadow of a snake in the cup were not uncommon.Due to the lack of scientific knowledge, it is difficult for the ancients to realize their psychological problems and get effective treatment.Nowadays, mental health has been paid more attention. In this process, TCM can provide a lot of beneficial enlightenment for mental health theory.

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