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Treatment of psoriasis with Smilax glabra


Guangdong reader Chen Consulting: my friend recommended to me a single prescription for treating psoriasis: 30 grams of tuckahoe, water decocting, 2 times daily, 1 doses per day, and 5 doses for 1 courses.After 2 courses of treatment, my condition improved and my rash decreased. After 2 courses of treatment, the rash had completely subsided and healed. It has not recurred for 1 years.I would like to ask an expert to analyze the basis or mechanism of tuckahoe treatment of psoriasis.

Pu Zhaohe, an associate professor of the Chinese Medicine Information Department of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, answered: psoriasis (commonly known as psoriasis) is a chronic inflammatory skin disease. Its etiology is unknown. It is considered to be related to genetic, viral or bacterial infections, metabolic disorders, immune dysfunction and other factors.Traditional Chinese medicine calls this disease “Bai Ke”, “snake wind” and “pine skin ringworm”.

Smilax glabra is sweet, mild and mild. It has the functions of detoxication, dampness, cooling blood, detoxification, dispelling wind and relieving pain. It can cure syphilis, turbid, bone and muscle pain, beriberi, furuncle, carbuncle, scabies and mercury poisoning.Tuckahoe is good at clearing heat toxin, cooling blood and swelling, and is known as “curing carbuncle and carbuncle.””Justice of Materia Medica” cloud: “Smilax glabra, remove dampness and heat, can enter the collaterals, and search for damp heat.”Studies have shown that the drug has anti-cancer, cellular immune suppression, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, detoxification and other effects.Statistics showed that Smilax glabra was commonly used in psoriasis.For example, some people use psoriasis, Polyporus, Alisma mixture to take orally, treat 40 psoriasis, the total effective rate is 95%.The treatment of psoriasis with tuckahoe alone has also been reported. If someone has treated 50 cases above, 25 cases are cured and 7 cases are markedly effective.After two courses of treatment, the scales became thinner and the rash decreased. After 3~4 treatment, the rash began to subside.

The treatment of psoriasis with Smilax glabra is effective, simple and cheap. The drug has mild adverse reactions, but others can have mild gastrointestinal symptoms, but it can be tolerated.Tuckahoe is commonly used for damp heat psoriasis, patients may wish to try.Suggestion: the amount of Smilax glabra above should be added to 60 grams, 15 days and 1 courses of treatment, for 3~4 courses.

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