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Want to live longer and barefoot


The old saying goes: "the tree is rooted in the roots, and the strong in all."The ancients knew thousands of years ago that barefoot is closely related to health.

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that: the small plantar aggregates hundreds of nerve sites in the human body. The twelve meridians start from the foot, and organs and organs of the body are closely related to the feet, and each has its own "projection area".On cobblestones or walking or running, it is equivalent to massaging sole of the foot. It can stimulate the nervous system and endocrine system, make blood flow smooth and secrete exuberant, the body environment is highly harmonious, the muscles are elastic, and the gait is healthy and graceful.

Hundreds of years ago, foreign countries had "barefoot tread stone therapy", which is basically the same as "cobblestone therapy".Knapp, a German scientist, pointed out that walking barefoot can prevent and cure many diseases, and emphasizes that it is especially effective for nervous system diseases, such as neurasthenia, insomnia and depression.In many countries in the world, the "barefoot walking" and "plantar massage" are used to treat diseases such as nervous system, muscle joints, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Academician of the former Soviet Union has proposed some new anti-aging methods, one of which is the "land contact law".He pointed out that there is electric field between the earth and the ionosphere, and that all living things are adapted to this environment.The modernization of life has made mankind lose its negative charge and accumulated too many positive charges in our body. This makes people easy to get sick.The solution is simple. One wire is fixed on the radiator and the other is tied to the foot.He said he had always insisted on doing so, not only did he live to be 90 years old, but also kept vigorous energy at an advanced age.

Physicists and medical scientists have further enriched the theory of rice.From the point of view of physics, people can be regarded as a real power station. The cell is an infinite number of generators, generating electricity continuously, that is, bioelectricity.If in a closed environment, electricity can not be released, it will be accumulated in static electricity.In order to prevent the harm of static electricity to human health, people should remove excess electricity by touching the ground.For thousands of years, our ancestors walked on bare feet and touched the land almost every day.But then people put on shoes, thereby destroying the balance of the body's electrical energy, and static electricity does harm to human health.It is precisely because we are separated from the earth that we often feel pain in our legs.

Therefore, regular barefoot activities to the feet appropriate stimulation, to adjust the foot and whole body blood circulation, promote metabolism, increase the function of autonomic and endocrine system, improve the body's ability to adapt to changes in the external environment, strengthen the sensitivity and memory of brain thinking and so on; barefoot activities play an important role in training the softness of ankle joints.Walking and jogging on cobblestones all year round can enhance respiratory function and cardiorespiratory function, activate blood circulation and blood stasis, improve blood circulation, lower blood lipids, and promote metabolism, enhance immune function and delay senility, thereby achieving health, health care and delaying senility.Barefoot exercise can also be carried out in lawns, beaches and concrete sites.But for those who begin to exercise, they should not be carried out on rainy days or cold days, so as to prevent their feet from catching cold.

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