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Water Margin of Chinese medicine. 37


Lin ChongSky male leopard head

Lin Chong's nickname "leopard head" was originally the eight hundred thousand rebel instructor, because his wife was repeatedly caught up by Gao Wei, a foster son of Tai Wei Gao, and was eventually forced to fall.After the fire and Wang Lun, Zun Chao cover for the Liangshan stockaded village owner.After the death of Fang La died in Hangzhou six and temple, Fu Chutaro.


medicinal materials

The main root is cone-shaped or cylindrical.The surface is grayish brown or gray yellow, with intermittent longitudinal wrinkles and root marks.There are stem marks at the top and tumor like projections around them.Weight, solid quality, section gray green, yellowish green or gray, wood parts are radially arranged.The air is small, and the bitter taste returns sweet.

Function of removing blood stasis and stopping bleeding, activating blood circulation and relieving pain.Indications: bleeding, injury, chest pain.

Commonly used prescriptions

37 soup "simplified Prescriptions"

[composition] ginseng 37 (research, Chong), Jiang Banxia, Magnolia officinalis, Poria, amber, vinegar stir fried bupleurum, Zuo Muli, Jiao Shan Zhi, Su stalks.

[function] cooling blood and removing blood stasis, soothing the liver and clearing away heat.

[indications] heat hurts collaterals, or anger hurts the liver.Vomit blood purple black piece.

Commonly used proprietary Chinese medicines

37 tablets

[drug composition] 37.

[function] disperse stasis and stop bleeding, relieve swelling and relieve pain.

[indications] hemoptysis, hematemesis, bloody nose, hematostatic, metrorrhagia, bleeding, chest pain, swelling and pain.

Fang Ge 37 Xia Pu Ling Chai Zhi, amber oyster Su Ting together, heat wound blood collaterals anger liver injury, cooling blood and regulating qi to vomit blood.

(excerpts from "comics one hundred, eight, Chinese medicine", "Water Margin of Chinese medicine", published by Chinese medical science and Technology Press)

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