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Why can Confucius live long?


Confucius's insightful exposition of adoption is mainly reflected in the book "Analects of Confucius".It mainly includes the following four aspects:


    "Eight no" Confucius stressed that food must be clean and hygienic and prevent disease from getting into the mouth. It puts forward "eight no": no spoilage or spoilage of meat and fish, no food to eat; food color becomes ugly or smell unpleasant, no food; food is not cooked or cut very badly; Zhou Zheng does not eat; it does not reach the prescribed meal time; it does not eat; the wine and dried meat bought from the market cannot be directly eaten.Consumption; if the meat is sacrificed, the period of preservation is more than three days; no meat is eaten; no more meat can be eaten than vegetables and vegetables at any time.Confucius likes ginger very much. He doesn't eat ginger food for every meal, but ginger is excellent.Health FoodTherefore, there is a saying that "there is no food to eat and ginger to eat".


"Three precepts" Confucius put forward: "gentlemen have three commandments: when they are few, blood gas is not fixed, they are in the color; and their Zhuang are also blood and spirit, and they are fighting in the fight; and their old age, blood gas is both bad, and quit."It is pointed out that people should be physique according to different periods.Health preservationThat is, age is different, physiology,PsychologyThe characteristics are different.Health preservationMethods should also be different: young people, because the body is not yet mature, pay attention to not early marriage, not too frequent sexual life; in the prime of life, the body reaches its peak strength, strength, temper, and to fight against people, so as to avoid hurting people to hurt themselves; in the elderly, physical weakness, it is necessary to look at fame and fortune less, do not bother to pursue anything.In contrast with Confucius's "three precepts", we should remind the elderly, especially those who are retiring, that we must keep the evening Festival. We should prevent the so-called "59 year old phenomenon" that happened before retirement. Otherwise, what will be done if we get stuck in jail for corruption?Health preservationHealthcareWhat can I say?


Friends should be divided into gains and losses. Confucius pointed out that people who are honest, honest, knowledgeable and knowledgeable are very helpful to friends; people who are good at flattering, flattering, and pleasing others with sweet words are harmful.Making friends can not be indiscreet. A good friend who is good at learning and learning can be helped and improved.HealthcareIf bad friends are handed down, they may follow the evil ways and even commit crimes. They will also seriously damage the body and mind.HealthyIts harm is not shallow.


"I don't know what's going on." someone asked Confucius's students about Confucius's situation. Zi Lu did not answer.Confucius said, why don't you answer?You can reply in this way: "it is for people, too, to forget their food and forget their worries.It means that Confucius often worked hard to study and forgot to eat. He lived happily all day and forgot his worries. He was very young and could not feel that he had entered the age of old age.Confucius also said: "eating coarse grains, vegetables, rice, drinking water, sleeping on the bent arms, many happiness lies in this daily life.Those who do not pay attention to moralitystandardThe riches and riches I get are just like clouds and flowing water to me.


Confucius lived in the spring and Autumn Age with a very low life expectancy, but he could still live beyond the past. There are many factors, but one of the most important ones is not to honor glory and to maintain an optimistic attitude towards life for a long time.


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