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Winter disease is cured in summer.


    Chinese MedicineHealth preservationThe idea is to focus on prevention.Health preservationAt the core, we should pay attention to "prevention before disease", "disease prevention and prevention", "disease prevention and prevention" and "new prevention and rehabilitation".


In the past winter, many people had chilblain on their hands and feet.Some doctors will advise you to rub your hands and feet with ginger or pepper in summer. Frostbite will not relapse until next winter.This is the typical "winter disease summer treatment".


In the spirit of the four questions, "the four times the Yin and Yang, the root of all things."Therefore, the sage is nourishing yang in spring and summer, and nourishing Yin in autumn and winter.Contrary to its roots, it will destroy its wood and its bad.The general meaning of this passage is that the Yin and Yang of human body are consistent with the changes of yin and Yang in nature. People should protect the growth of Yang Qi in spring and summer to conform to the growth of natural Yang, maintain the Yin Qi in the body in autumn and winter, and collect Yin Qi in the body.People who are prone to frostbite are mostly lack of Yang Qi. After winter, the blood of the Yin and cold becomes more and more serious. Blood circulation is hindered. The skin loses its nourishment and the chilblain is born.If in spring and summer, when the Yang Qi is vigorous, with ginger and other rubbing hands and feet, on the one hand, with the help of summer Yang Qi, the body Yang Qi will flourish, and the body's cold Qi will be easy to solve. It can help Yang dispel the cold. On the other hand, it can store Yang Qi for autumn and winter, and there will be enough Yang in the winter to fight against the cold of yin and cold, so as to adjust Yin and Yang and improve the ability of disease resistance.


Winter disease generally refers to the onset of disease in winter or the aggravation of disease in winter.disease。Chinese MedicineIt is believed that "winter disease" is mainly caused by chill.disease。Common "winter diseases" include colds, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary emphysema, allergic rhinitis, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, and senile chills.Chinese MedicineDeficiency of spleen and stomachdisease。The onset of these diseases is obviously seasonal, and the incidence rate is high in autumn and winter, and it often recurs.


Xia Zhi is aimed at diseases that are easy to attack in winter. Symptomatic treatment is carried out in summer to improve the balance between yin and Yang in order to reduce the incidence of disease in winter or slow down the disease. After several years of persistence, some diseases can even be cured.


The treatment of winter disease belongs to the internal treatment of TCM, and the most commonly used method is applicator therapy.Drugs are usually used for specific purposes.acupointApply the patch on the surface, stimulate the healthy qi, dispel the phlegm and blood stasis of the evil pathogens, dredge the channels and collaterals, activate blood circulation, warm the channels, dissipate cold, and so on, so that the body's Yang energy is abundant, the ability to resist cold is enhanced, the channels and collaterals and Qi and blood are connected, and according to the individual constitution, the body's Yang Qi can be helped by the drugs such as the lung, spleen and kidney.Normal, so as to achieve the goal of permanent cure.


At present, the major TCM practitioners in ChinaHospitalCarry out "winter disease summer treatment"acupointAccording to the principle of "harmony between man and nature", applicator therapy is treated on the first day of the first, middle and last year.When the sun is long, the temperature is high, and the natural Yang is the most vigorous.acupointTo apply the Yang Qi to the human body is helpful for strengthening the body and strengthening the foundation, and preventing the "winter disease".Clinical observation found that after 3 or 3 years of treatment, the curative effect is better than intermittent or only 1 years.


The "winter disease summer treatment" therapy can balance human Yin and Yang, enhance the body's resistance to disease, thereby reducing the risk of seizures.Health preservationFor the sake of our ideas, we have the advantages of simplicity, convenience, integrity and testing.Traditional Chinese MedicineCharacteristic therapy in therapy.



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