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Yang in spring, moxibustion at home easily.


Why do you want to sleep in spring?Dr. Zheng Jie, chief physician of the Department of acupuncture at the Guangzhou traditional Chinese medicine hospital, explains that we often experience spring distress, fatigue and relapse in the spring. This is because the liver fire is strong in spring.

Can you moxibustion yourself?Doctor Cheng said it was all right.In addition to direct moxibustion is difficult to control temperature, other moxibustion methods can be used.

[direct moxibustion] directly holding the moxa stick at the acupoint fumigating moxibustion.Moxa stick has no septum, and moxibustion has better effect. The disadvantage is inconvenient, time-consuming and laborious, and easy to scald.

Indirect moxibustion: a method of moxibustion between AI column and skin.There were ginger moxibustion, salt moxibustion, garlic moxibustion and septum cake moxibustion.Aconite cake is not easy to find and less used.Ginger partitioned moxibustion is suitable for cold disease. Salt moxibustion is mainly applied to the point of Shen que.In human navel, in ancient times, they used to keep fit.Garlic moxibustion is often used for suppurative mass without ulceration, and it also has certain effect on the treatment of pulmonary diseases.

Moxibustion is a special moxibustion device for moxibustion. It is often used with moxibustion box, warm moxibustion tube and warm moxibustion stick.The advantage is that it is more convenient to be fixed on the body.

There are several common moxibustion tools on the market nowadays, Dr. Zheng said.

(1) pure copper moxibustion sticks are of three sizes: small, medium and large. Small copper rods are suitable for facial beauty. Medium and large copper rods are suitable for moxibustion at body and other parts.

2. Portable moxibustion boxes can be classified into stainless steel or wooden ones.Generally speaking, the operation of stainless steel is simpler and more suitable for parts. Generally, it can operate on its own and does not need any assistance from others. The accuracy of picking holes is not high, and its safety is slightly stronger, but its firepower is small and its effect is weak.Wooden or bamboo moxibustion boxes are just the opposite. Though not so convenient, the acupoint selection is more accurate and sometimes requires assistance from others.

3. There are two kinds of warm tube moxibustion, which are planar and conical. The plane pattern is suitable for large area moxibustion, and conical as a small area moxibustion.(reporter Yu Yanhong correspondent Gao Sande)

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