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You are not lazy but imaginary!


Nowadays, many young people come home directly to the sofa or directly to “Ge You lie”. They can not only get interested in anything, but also feel short of breath and speak hard.Such people are often talked about by people around you. Why are you so lazy? In fact, Chinese medicine has a special definition, that is, Qi deficiency, Qi deficiency, lack of essence and spirit, it will look so weak.

“Huangdi Neijing” has long pointed out: “all diseases are born in Qi”, which means that many diseases are related to the movement of human body Qi.Peng Yuqing, director of the Asian health center of Beijing Oriental Hospital, said that the deficiency of Qi in traditional Chinese medicine refers to the lack of Qi in the body and the main feature of low breathing and low function of viscera.

Qi deficiency is mainly divided into kidney qi deficiency, spleen qi deficiency and lung qi deficiency.The spleen is the source of Qi and blood, constantly digesting and absorbing food and water, and transforming it into gas.But if you eat cold, oily food for a long time, you will hurt your spleen and stomach. People with spleen deficiency will suffer from diarrhea, weakness of limbs, and difficulty in digestion.Most of the kidney qi deficiency is overdraft of the body, and staying up late, fatigue work is the cause of insufficient kidney qi. It may lead to lumbago, fatigue and lack of warmth. Especially as people get older and older, the phenomenon of kidney deficiency is more obvious.People with lung qi deficiency often lack of exercise. They usually suffer from shortness of breath, low language, spontaneous sweating, and easy to catch cold. According to the different parts of qi deficiency, there are different symptoms.

According to the different parts of qi deficiency, there is also some emphasis on choosing diet therapy.Peng Yuqing suggested that Astragalus is the best for patients with lung qi deficiency.Astragalus, also known as small ginseng, is similar to ginseng. It is a good product for Invigorating Qi. The difference is that ginseng is a great supplement to vital energy, and its effect is very fast. It can not be easily used by ordinary people.In practice, it is recommended that soup and porridge should be the main food, even if it is Qi deficiency.Making Astragalus and Lily together with porridge, you can also put some of them in boiling chicken soup, which is a good way to add gas.

For people with kidney qi deficiency, Peng Yuqing said, Cistanche deserticola is more suitable for them. Cistanche deserticola grows in the desert area of Northwest China. It is called “desert ginseng”. Its salty and salty energy can enter the kidney, and its kidney tonifying effect is obvious.For those with spleen deficiency, they can choose Codonopsis pilosula and Chinese yam to make porridge, and can also add some jujube, Atractylodes macrocephala, lotus seeds and poria cocos. These are good materials for Invigorating Qi.

In addition, traditional Chinese medicine says five elderly, seven injured, all kinds of diseases, sedentary and long standing may all cause Qi deficiency. For those who have been sitting in the office for a long time, outdoor exercise is more conducive to improving Qi deficiency, especially those with lung qi deficiency can do more aerobic exercises.Of course, if we are engaged in manual labor and exercise too much, Qi deficiency is a proper rest.(Health Times reporter Sun Huan)

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